Movie Face Off: Star Trek vs Star Wars

During January we took a break from larger, genre-specific tournaments on our World Cup of Movies Facebook group and instead did a couple of smaller-scale competitions. The first of these pitted two of the most beloved Sci-Fi franchises against each other, putting the 13 Star Trek movies up against the 13 live action Star Wars films to see which franchise is best.

The rules were somewhat convoluted in order to allow films from each series to face one another and also eventually form a traditional 16-film elimination bracket.



  • Films from each franchise were seeded based on IMDB ranking into 3 pots.
  • In each match the intention was to pit one film from each franchise against each other. Each match lasted for 24 hours with our Facebook group members voting for the film they wanted to progress.
  • In the Round 1 draw, films from Pot 1 faced films from Pot 3, while films from Pot 2 face each other. Names were drawn randomly from each pot.
  • Round 2 featured the winners of the 13 ties in Round 1 plus the top 3 highest ranked losers but with the aim of getting 8 films from each franchise through.
  • At the end of each round the remaining films were re-grouped into franchise-specific pots and drawn against a film from the opposing franchise (or at least that was the original plan!).


Here are the seedings and results for the First Round:

As Round 1 yielded eight winners from Star Wars and only five from Star Trek, the Round two seeds and results went as follows:


With only three Star Trek films making it through Round 2, we became concerned that none of them would make it to the final if they came up against the more popular Star Wars films, so as we really wanted the final to feature a film from each franchise we decided to make some changes for the next couple of rounds. It was somewhat complicated so instead of trying to explain it all, here’s a picture of the final rounds of the tournament!


After more than two weeks of voting, we confirmed what most people already knew – Star Wars is a better movie franchise than Star Trek and The Empire Strikes Back is the greatest Star Wars film.

Thanks to everyone that participated in this competition by voting and commenting – we really enjoyed reading your opinions and arguments!



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