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Other websites that we feel you should check out. They may be from crew members, friends or anywhere else we trust and respect. 

static1_squarespaceWizwords: MovieMuse member Graeme Mason is one of those actual real life writers who gets paid and everything!

You can hear some of Graeme’s words of ‘wiz’dom on the MovieMuse podcast, or hit him in the face with you mouse clicker to check out his website.

“I’ve been writing for many years but only recently (2009) decided to shift to non-fiction, or rather journalism. Or rather, video game and media journalism. Since this epiphany, I’ve had many articles printed in Retro Gamer, the world’s premier magazine dedicated to the video games of yesteryear. I’ve recently also begun to expand to Retro Gamer’s sister publication, GamesTM and online with Eurogamer.”

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Disaster Movie World is a low-frequency blog dedicated to disaster movies, from the classics of the genre to made-for-tv garbage. Why? Because terrible destruction on an epic scale is what cinema is all about!

Banner6RED PARSLEY: A blog by  – “Oh, hello there 🙂 I’m a 39 year old geek from England and I like lots of stuff including retro video games, movies, astronomy, sci-fi, and anime, and this is the place where I will blabber on about them! At the very least, it will give me an excuse to look at things I haven’t gotten around to yet.