The Spielberg Cup

During January we took a break from larger, genre-specific tournaments on our World Cup of Movies Facebook group and instead did a couple of smaller-scale competitions. Following our Star Trek vs Star Wars competition, we ran a tournament dedicated to the movies of Steven Spielberg.

50 years have passed since Spielberg’s feature-length directorial debut Duel, which began life as a TV movie before receiving a limited theatrical run. Since then he has been credited as sole director on another 31 films, which handily meant we could include all of them in a 32-film elimination tournament!



  • Films were seeded based on IMDB ranking into 4 pots.
  • In Round 1, films from Pot 1 faced films from Pot 4 and films from Pot 2 faced those from Pot 3. Films were drawn randomly from each pot.
  • The winners progress to Round 2 and beyond in a pre-determined bracket. Winners were determined by votes from group members.


Here are the seedings for the initial draw:


The tournament took place in four brackets, each leading to a quarter final match:


There were very few surprises as all of the 8 top seeds made it to the quarter finals and faced off in the ‘Final 8’ bracket:


Two of the Indiana Jones films dominated the voting from beginning to end and inevitably faced off in the Final, with Raiders of the Lost Ark claiming the crown as Spielberg’s greatest movie according to our voters!


We also held some additional votes to determine the Top Ten Spielberg films according to our group members, which are summarised in the video below.


Thanks to everyone who took part in the competition and if you want to join in the fun for our future tournamnets then be sure to sign up for our World Cup of Movies Facebook group.


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