True Order - The Skywalker Saga

True Order: The Skywalker Saga

Here at MovieMuse HQ we are always looking for new features to promote some debate and good old fashioned banter on our website and through our social media presence. Recently, while running our Star Wars vs Star Trek face off over on facebook, here was much debate about the Star Wars saga and which movies were the best and worst. So we though that was a great excuse to kick off a new feature that will pop up every now and again where we try to rank film series and franchise entries in terms of each films popularity. We are not talking about the order in which to watch the films (we are firm believers in the RELEASE ORDER route for Star Wars for instance), this is purely about lining the films up on their own individual merits. So unsurprisingly (as you have probably read the page title!), this new feature is called TRUE ORDER and kicks off with…

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

Simply use the link below to submit your rankings of the 9 Skywalker films via the Google Form. We will collate the entries and then announce the Skywalker Saga’s definitive True Order here on the website and via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

True Order
*Thanks to New Order for the inspiration for our logos in this feature. So long as they don’t sue us we have other homages to their album covers for future entries in our True Order series 🙂

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