Square Eyes For Shelter

Starting as a simple way to expand my film knowledge, the Square Eyes For Shelter: 250 film challenge is simply a challenge to watch 250 films in 2016. That is an average of 21 films a month, or 5 films a week or a film every 1.48 days. As the challenge is taking some considerable time commitment on my part (around 500 hours which is over 20 days!) I thought I would ask the kind reader/viewer folk to join in by throwing a few quid the way of my chosen charity, Shelter.

Any level of sponsorship will of course be gratefully accepted and if people are willing to donate just a penny per film (£2.50 total), then I would easily smash my target, but please be as generous as you can. You can donate via the challenge’s dedicated Just Giving page.

As an added incentive, if you donate £5 or more you can name a film for me to watch. If you want to torture me with a weepy or a rom com, treat me with a Stallone action-fest or simply have me watch your favourite film then just add the film to the commentary on your donation and I will make sure I include it.

Here are the rules that I will be sticking to for the challenge:

  • The films must be watched in full, part watched films do not count
  • The films can be new or old and from any genre (including documentary and non-fiction), but feature length TV episodes do not count.
  • Watching films that have been seen before is fine, but repeat watches of the same film do not count (this is 250 films, not 250 watches)

You can read an update on the films watched in the first quarter of 2016 here and regular updates will be provided on the MovieMuse website, social media and the challenge’s JustGiving page.

Thanks for your support – Gordon Sinclair.

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