The MovieViews 500 – October Summary

The MovieMuse team has set ourselves the challenge of watching 500 different films between us in 2017. Every new film we watch will be rated and given a short review as part of our MovieViews database.


October’s total was perhaps a bit disappointing following the increase in films watched during September, but with 36 new films viewed, we have now passed the 400 mark and with two months to go, reaching the target is still achievable. As you might expect from the month that ends with Halloween, there were plenty of horror films watched during October, from classics such as Halloween to new releases like IT, Happy Death Day and Gerald’s Game.


Below are the stats for the month, including our picks for best and worst films of the month. You can also scroll down to see the reviews written by each team member for every film watched in October.


Overall Stats

January - JuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember
Total Films Watched282393563383774
Unique Films Watched258323251363666
New Reviews Added231303047333661
Average Rating Given3.303.
Challenge Completion51.6%58.0%64.4%74.6%81.8%89.0%102.2%

Team Member Stats for October

Total Films Watched18164
Unique Films Watched18152
New Reviews Added17142
Average Rating Given2.783.163.63
Best Film of the MonthTears in the RainITBatman Begins
Worst Film of the MonthFantastic FourThe TakePassengers

Gordon’s Reviews

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk 2016 Tries to show the civilian fascination with and trivialisation of war, but fails to get its message across due to its incredibly overplayed pathos, unlikeable performances and tv-movie production. Ang Lee can do much better. 4
Blade Runner: Black Out 2022 2017 This anime scene setter to BR 2049 tells a reasonable story of the inbetween years, but the animated style loses the visual impact and the characters can't quite hold it together. 5
Captain EO 1986 A 4D collaboration between Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas and Michael Jackson for Disney theme parks. What could go wrong? A terrible script, dated effects and a very poor Jacko song are not enough to ruin a reasonably fun and thankfully short film. 5
Churchill 2017 Despite its big budget and shiny visuals, this saintly portrayal bears all the hallmarks of a daytime TV biography. The human Winston is completely removed in favour of a caricature of his speech self. 4
Cooties 2014 Filled with the very best names on the acting B-list, this horror comedy about a zombie virus that only affects pre-pubescents is a pretty good premise and has plenty of gore and laughs. It is only a shame that it runs out of steam too soon. 6
Dredd 2012 A much more violent take on the 2000AD character and whilst I am not a fan of Karl Urban's acting, he pulls off the surly law enforcer without pulling off the helmet. Surely it is time for a sequel? 7
Gerald's Game 2017 A sex game goes wrong leaving a woman chained to a bed and in danger in this clever interpretation of a book once thought unfilmable. The biggest issue with the film is the fault of Stephen King's book and its unnecessary serial killer side story. 7
Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia 2013 Whilst not revealing, this documentary is full of warmth and wit. A fitting tribute to the last lion of literary America. 8
Happy Death Day 2017 Touted as Groundhog Day meets Final Destination, the film fails on both fronts and can only barely be called horror. A huge missed opportunity. 4
Kingsman: The Golden Circle 2017 Perfectly fun and excitable, but all a bit pointless and silly after the much, much better original. 6
Legend 2015 Tom Hardy plays a glamourised Reggie and pantomime Ronnie Kray in a biopic that only excels in the awfulness of its saturated colour palette and from the grave voice over. 4
Paris Can Wait 2016 A dull romantic road trip that will make you love the French scenery and hate the French people in equal measures. 5
Seoul Station 2016 A low budget anime prequel to superb Train to Busan that has enough to say and suitably satisfying twists to stop it being just another zombie film. 7
Tears in the Rain 2017 This short South African tribute to Blade Runner is so self assured that it distills the entire essence of the original film into an incredibly well made 11 minutes of fan service. 8
The Dark Tower 2017 Despite expecting a Sci-Fi Western, The Dark Tower is rather straightforward family friendly adventure that contains nothing in its writing, direction or acting to make it stand out. 5
The Fantastic Four 1994 When you read the context of the films troubles, then it is more fun than it really ought to be. But watching it in ignorance is absolute torture. 5
The Running Man 1987 Despite the dodgy casting and costumes, The Running Man still feels like a believable dystopia in the world of reality TV and ever escalating non-fiction gratuity. 7
The Transfiguration 2016 Billed as a New York tale of Love, Loss and Vampires. It isn't. But it is an interesting drama that does contain a little blood sucking. This is definitely not Twilight. 6



Mat‘s Reviews

Big Trouble in Little China 1986 One of John Carpenter's more commercial offerings, and as a result the subtlety and suspense of his earlier films is replaced by overblown action, dodgy special effects and a large helping of 80's cheese. Enjoyable, but not one of his best. 6
Escape from L.A. 1996 Few directors get the chance to remake their own films, and most of us probably wish John Carpenter hadn't bothered, as this rehash of Escape From New York offers nothing new and features some pretty awful special effects. 5
Halloween 1978 The original template for dozens of mediocre slasher films that followed. Carpenter's film is a masterpiece in the art of building up suspense and 'less is more' horror, with not a scene wasted, and perfectly accompanied by his chilling score. 10
IT 2017 Not especially scary, but definitely creepy and frequently gruesome, the film's greatest achievement is the perfect recreation of an 80's adventure movie with near-flawless performances from its young cast. 7
Lost Creek 2016 It may be marketed as a horror film but this is more like a kids coming of age drama with fantasy elements. The acting is reasonably good and there is a sense of mystery, but the main twist is blatantly obvious from the start and rather spoils it. 5
Mysterious Island 1961 Dated in many ways, not least the hammy acting, but the story is still good and both the sets and Ray Harryhausen's visual effects are very impressive for their time. 6
Prisoners 2013 It definitely goes on too long and some of the twists are too obviously signposted, but this is still a gripping and disturbing thriller with an intense performance from Hugh Jackman at its heart. 7
Screamers 1995 A fairly standard mid-budget 90's Sci-Fi offering, this film has a reasonable story and a few twists, but the ending is rather predictable and the dialogue is often terrible. 5
Se7en 1995 One of the most grim and depressing films of all time, but it's also tense, thrilling, incredibly well acted and superbly shot. Still capable of disturbing the viewer even if you do know how it ends. 9
Spider-Man 3 2007 Proof that you can have too much of a good thing, as Tobey Maguire's last outing as Spidey is bogged down with too many villains, too much relationship drama and some unremarkable action sequences. A disappointing end to an otherwise superb trilogy. 5
The Boy 2016 Once you accept the ridiculous premise, this movie offers a reasonable amount of creepy chills, and the twist ending is actually quite surprising, though not necessarily in a good way! 6
The Guard 2011 Brendan Gleeson is on top form as the loudmothed anti-hero of this unconventional crime thriller. There's an often uncomfortable mix of depravity, un-PC humour, violence and emotional drama, but they combine to make a truly unique and hilarious film. 8
The Pyramid 2014 The inconsistent shooting style is annoying and the characters are mostly dumb, but this is a perfectly watchable horror film, creating a good sense of claustrophobia that allows for a few effective jump scares. 6
The Raven 2012 A stylish thriller with an inventive premise, decent acting and some suitably gruesome death scenes, but the whole thing is rather dull and the ending unfulfilling. 5
The Take (Bastille Day) 2016 Aside from some exciting action sequences this is almost instantly forgettable. Several British actors use American accents, but with an abundance of French dialogue used too, this film would never appeal to the US audience it was clearly aimed at! 4
Wargames 1983 The Cold War may long be over but the message of this film is still surprisingly relevant, and it has aged better than most teen adventure films from this era thanks to the serious subject matter and decent acting. 7



Simon’s Reviews

Batman Begins 2005 The reboot of the Batman series could have been a poor cash in, but with Christian Bale in the lead as the venerable caped crusader it turns out to be an enjoyable and thoroughly watchable delve into the criminal underworld of Gotham. 8
Independence Day 1996 The classic alien invasion movie, with a great cast, great action scenes, good humour and America saving the world on Independence Day. What could go wrong? Nothing. 8
Passengers 2016 An interesting concept, overplayed on the Romantic side, not a lot happens but the only thing that redeems this in my eyes is the moral dilemma served up in the story. Worth a look, just. 6
Sully 2016 Tom Hanks plays out a real life drama with his usual panache and feeling, and turns a disastrous situation into an enjoyable and emotional experience, if a little flat in the fact that the main action is played out away from the Hudson river. 7


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