Movie Trilogy World Cup – Results

Over on ourĀ World Cup of Movies Facebook Page we recently ran our second movie-mega-match to determine the greatest ever movie trilogy. Our first World Cup crowned the best ever Action Movie (from 172 hopefuls) and you can find out who took the trophy here. But this time, the head to head knockout tournament looked at the best film series that feature (at least) 3 films.

We started the tournament with 48 films, with 26 going through to the first round automatically due to their superior aggregate user ratings on the IMDb website.

The other 22 entered the preliminary round and battled it out for the remaining 6 places.

You can see the results by clicking on the image ->

That gave us 32 trilogies, who were drawn against each other at random. The bracket below shows the results for all of the matches, with a few surprises along the way! You can also take a look at our top 10 video that was decided based on the votes received in the world cup!



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