Film Club Review #9:
Party Party

Party Party (1983)

GENRE: Comedy

DIRECTOR: Terry Winsor

WRITER: Daniel Peacock and Terry Winsor

STARS: Daniel Peacock, Karl Howman, Perry Fenwick, Clive Mantle, Caroline Quentin


PLOT: It’s New Years Eve and Larry is having a party at his parents house. – only his parents don’t know as they are out at the social club party…everyone else does though from all of Larry’s mates to the local coppers who have been given the night off… The story starts with the build up to the party as everyone who’s anyone is going to be there. – what starts out as a small party turns into mayhem, food fights, romance and lots of booze and some aftershave!!.

For our 9th MovieMuse Film Club selection, Graeme Mason chose a little known film on the basis that he picked up the soundtrack from a local charity shop!

Party Party is a 1983 British comedy film about three friends and their North West London crowd. This crowd includes workers, spivs and young police constables. A British attempt at the teenage/youth house party genre typified by John Hughes’ films, the movie is notable for its great 80s New Romantic soundtrack and as the early work of several of the cast members who would become more famous for their TV work.

The team discuss their thoughts on Party Party in episode 10 of the MovieMuse podcast, and  whilst they liked the soundtrack, the film did not go down well…

  • Graeme - "bizarre, plotless nonsense"
  • Simon - "I like the early 80s look of the clothes and the hair"
  • Mat - "a collection of sit-com sketches thrown together"
  • Gordon - "I rather watch this again than Star Crash"


Despite a great 80s soundtrack, Party Party is nothing more than TV actors doing sit-com jokes to make up for the lack of any plot whatsoever.



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