Film Club Review 7:
Project A

Next up on the MovieMuse Film Club is a period, action, kung-fu comedy from the master, Jackie Chan. The film is 1982’s Project A and has Chan and his regular cohorts risking life and limb to save their town from pirates whilst sees performing stunts inspired from classic cinema.

Chosen by Mat Corne, Project A is available in two flavours; the original subtitled Cantonese version and an English dubbed option. It can be picked for six quid on Amazon.

You can hear the teams thoughts on the film in Episode 8 of the MovieMuse podcast, or simply check out our scores below.

  • Mat - "my favourite Jackie Chan film"
  • Simon - "it was like watching Monkey the movie!"
  • Graeme - "like Monkey crossed with a Carry On film"
  • Gordon - "some great unrefined fight sequences"


One of Jackie Chan’s best films and the highlight of his Hong Kong cinema days. With nods to classic Hollywood, great humour and stunts that would make a Health and Safety official faint, Project A get a unanimous recommendation from the team.


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