Film Club Review #10:
Key Largo

Key Largo (1948)

GENRE: Crime, Drama, Noir

DIRECTOR: John Huston

WRITER: Richard Brooks and John Huston (based on a play by Maxwell Anderson)

STARS: Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, Lauren Bacall, Lionel Barrymore, Claire Trevor


PLOT: A man visits his old friend’s hotel and finds a gangster running things. As a hurricane approaches, the two end up confronting each other.

For our 10th MovieMuse Film Club selection, Gordon Sinclair chose the 1948 film Key Largo.

This classic film noir by John Huston stars Humphrey Bogart as World War II vet Frank McCloud. Visiting Key Largo to pay his respects to the family of his late war buddy, McCloud attempts to comfort his comrade’s widow, Nora (Lauren Bacall), and father, James Temple (Lionel Barrymore), who operate a hotel. But McCloud realises that mobsters, led by the infamous Johnny Rocco (Edward G. Robinson), are staying in the hotel. When the criminals take over the establishment, conflict is inevitable.

You can see our review scores below and The team discussed their thoughts on Key Largo in episode 11 of the MovieMuse podcast, so why not let us know what you think of the film using the comments box below.

  • Gordon - "it has a great sense of tension throughout"
  • Mat - "it deserves classic status"
  • Simon - "kept my interest right to the end of the film"
  • Graeme - "an excellent example of Humphrey Bogart's career"


Key Largo is a great example of post war Film Noir and has some wonderful performances, though the team were split on which of the supporting actresses succeeded and which didn’t.



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