Christmas Movie World Cup

From 1st December over on our World Cup of Movies Facebook Page we are running our 3rd Movie World Cup tournament of 2020! We have already crowned the Action Movie and Movie Trilogy world cup winners and now turn our attention to the best ever festive films.

To produce the list of competitors we asked the members of our Movie World Cups facebook group to nominate their favourites and will use the following format to decide on the winner.


  • 50 Christmas films will be battling out to become the world cup winner
  • The films have been ranked by their IMDB user ratings
  • Using the rankings we have introduced a seeding system for this competition and have grouped the films into 3 pots (shown by the different colours – Gold = Top seed, Silver = Middle seed, Bronze = Bottom seed).
  • After a single elimination tie for the bottom 4 films (to brings us down to 48 films), all first round heats will contain one film from each pot (3 films per tie) and one film per tie will proceed.
  • A random draw will then be held for the round one winners and from the second round onwards it will be a straight knockout.
  • The winner will be crowned at 12 noon on Christmas Day.


FILM LIST: (films in red were knocked out in the qualifying round)




Join in the fun and take part in the voting at

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