Best of the Decade: Ten Unmissable Action Films

Our review of the last decade in movies continues, and while Gordon and Mat have already shared their personal picks for the best of the 2010s, there were plenty of other great films from the past ten years that are well worth mentioning. Having already suggested ten great horror films, for this feature we have raided the MovieViews archive to find ten explosive action films that you should watch if you’re a fan of the genre.


Annihilation 2018 Proof that an intelligent sci fi movie can be female led as Natalie Portman goes into the unknown where our laws of nature don't apply. Gordon
Attack the Block 2011 A gang of South-London teens fight back against an alien invasion. A brilliant British take on the Sci-Fi action comedy, with great effects and spot on humour. Gordon
Big Game 2014 Samuel L. Jackson is entertaining in an atypical role, but he's totally upstaged by his teenage co-star Onni Tommila in this action-adventure with a fun, late 80's feel. Mat
Bushwick 2017 Following an unexpected insurgency, two strangers make a perilous journey across Bushwick to safety. A surprisingly real and very timely thriller that succeeds despite its limitations. Gordon
Chappie 2015 Robocop meets Short Circuit in an intriguing mix of violence and comedy that is only let down by a rather silly ending. The real stars are Sharlto Copley's mo-cap performance of the title character and nutty rap duo Die Antwoord as his adoptive parents. Mat
Kingsman: The Secret Service 2015 An unexpected highlight of 2015, "James Bond with chavs" should never have worked, but succeeds thanks to Taron Egerton's engaging performance, sharp humour and some gloriously choreographed violence. Mat
Shaft 2019 A better than expected revival of the Shaft series, with Samuel L. Jackson taking centre stage as a caricature of his many film roles. Nobody is taking this movie seriously and as a result it's a lot of fun and a decent action thriller to boot. Mat
Snowpiercer 2013 A non-stop thrill ride on a non-stop train as the class war is fought in a carriage by carriage battle to the engine. Gordon
The Last Stand 2013 A decent return to full-time acting for Arnie in an undemanding but enjoyable action film. It has all the explosions, gun fights and car chases you could ask for and a decent cast of character actors supporting the big man. Mat
Upgrade 2018 A slick 'upgrade' on the bionic man concept as an AI implant takes control of man seeking revenge. Brutal, bloody and brilliant! Gordon


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