BAFTA 2019 – Make Up & Hair

Best Feature

British Film

Best Director

Leading Actress

Leading Actor

Supp. Actor

Supp. Actress

Animated Feature

Original Scrn-play

Adapted Scrn-play

Foreign Lang.


Visual Effects

Original Music

Costume Design


Prod. Design

Best Sound











  • BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Mark Coulier, Jan Sewell
  • THE FAVOURITE Nadia Stacey
  • MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS Jenny Shircore
  • STAN & OLLIE Mark Coulier, Jeremy Woodhead, Josh Weston
  • VICE Kate Biscoe, Greg Cannom, Patricia DeHaney, Chris Gallaher

Our Winner:

  • Stan & Ollie (Coulier, Woodhead, Weston) – There is stiff competition from the transformation that Christian Bale went through to become Dick Chaney, but from the time you first see John C Reilly as old Oliver Hardy you will never for a second question that this is a fat suit and latex. The way tat Reilly becomes Hardy is partly down to his great acting, but equally as reliant on the superb make up team.

The BAFTA Winner

  • The Favourite

MovieViews Reviews:

Bohemian Rhapsody 2018 The acting is atrocious, the story so cleansed it isn't really a biopic at all and the cinematography gives everything a TV movie colourised glow that makes everything look staged. But for all that I still found myself enjoying the cheesiness of it all. Gordon 6
Mary Queen of Scots 2018 Two stunning performances from Ronan and Robbie complement a beautifully crafted (if a little one sided) retelling of how England and Scotland finally became united. Gordon 8
Stan & Ollie 2018 Telling the story of how the magic ended, this is in many places this is an incredibly sad film, but Coogan and Reilly capture the characters so well that their beautiful friendship and fantastic comedy shines through. Gordon 8
The Favourite 2018 A quirky period tale of two cousins fighting for the attentions of the Queen. Coleman and Stone are superb and the direction inventive, but the story sags quite heavily before a polarising end. Gordon 8
Vice 2018 Initially Vice appears to be just an excuse to re-do the Big Short formula and for Bale to dust off his Batman voice, but in fact it is another fascinating docu-dramedy from the master of this new genre, Adam McKay. Gordon 8

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