BAFA 2019 – Documentary

Best Feature

British Film

Best Director

Leading Actress

Leading Actor

Supp. Actor

Supp. Actress

Animated Feature

Original Scrn-play

Adapted Scrn-play

Foreign Lang.

Visual Effects

Original Music

Costume Design

Make Up & Hair


Prod. Design

Best Sound











  • FREE SOLO Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Jimmy Chin, Shannon Dill, Evan Hayes
  • McQUEEN Ian Bonhôte, Peter Ettedgui
  • RBG Julie Cohen, Betsy West
  • THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD Peter Jackson, Clare Olssen
  • THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS Tim Wardle, Grace Hughes-Hallett, Becky Read

Our Winner:

  • McQueen – Does what a good doc does and tells you the story you didn’t know rather than rehashing what you did. A very personal portrait of an incredible man in a world where convention told us he should never have been.

The BAFTA Winner

  • Free Solo

MovieViews Reviews:

Free Solo 2018 Whilst the actual climbing (without any rope or harness or other safety measures) is totally exhilarating, the documentary was actually pretty dull. Gordon 6
McQueen 2018 A fascinating insight into the life of (Lee) Alexander McQueen. Far from just a London yob making haute couture, the youngest ever Fashion Director at Givenchy's productions probably told us everything we needed to know about his demons. Gordon 8
RBG 2018 Notorious RBG isn't a rapper, she is an octogenarian Supreme Court Judge who has spent her life championing women's rights. This documentary tells her story and offers a fascinating insight into a remarkable woman. Gordon 8
They Shall Not Grow Old 2018 Incredibly honest and personal accounts of the Great War, despite the heavy handed colourisation and some jarring moments of Hollywood production. Gordon 7
Three Identical Strangers 2018 A fascinating documentary about triplets separated at birth who accidentally find each other. The story of how and why they were separated is as amazing as the story of their life afterwards. Gordon 8

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