Best of the Decade: Ten Cracking Comedies

Our look back at of the last decade of film continues, and while Gordon and Mat have already shared their personal picks for the best of the 2010s, here we’re looking at selections of films from a specific genre. We’ve already told you about ten horror hidden gems, ten unmissable action movies, ten gripping thrillers and ten brilliant biopics, but this time we’re looking at the films that made us laugh.

We’ve seen tons of comedies over the last decade, some far funnier than others, and you can search for these in our MovieViews database, but if you want to just take our word for it, then our top ten are listed below!


Game Night 2018 Aside from a couple of bad casting choices this comedy is way more enjoyable than it had any right to be, with some decent action, smart dialogue and very little of the low-brow humour that ruins most films of this type. Mat
Hunt for the Wilderpeople 2016 Sam Neill’s best performance since Jurassic park and full of the kind of wacky humour that only the Ozzies and the Nozzies can make. Gordon
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 2017 A straightforward action-adventure movie is elevated by often hilarious performances from some of Hollywood's most engaging talent and a perfect appreciation of the absurdity of video games. A truly delightful surprise. Mat
Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 Some viewers might be disappointed that it doesn’t really deliver on its Time Travel premise, but this quirky, heartwarming and frequently hilarious relationship drama is much more entertaining than it would've been as straight Sci-Fi. Mat
Tag 2018 A fun (and surprisingly true) story with a great premise that allows for some audacious physical comedy, but really succeeds because it doesn’t go down the vulgar route that most films of this type do and is in fact quite touching at the end. Mat
The Big Short 2015 The funniest 'factual' film you will ever see. "The truth is like poetry ... and most people fucking hate poetry". Gordon
The Death of Stalin 2017 Political/historical comedy can be a tough gig, but Armando Iannucci is a master of the art. It is hard to overstate how funny the film is with an ensemble cast that are on absolute top form. Gordon
The Grand Budapest Hotel 2014 If you can get past the art style, GBH is a very funny and original tale. Ralph Fiennes performance is superb and he has some of the best comedy swearing I have seen in a long time. Gordon
The Young Offenders 2016 This film has everything we love about Irish comedy. Great characters, hilarious situations and a killer soundtrack. Funniest film of 2016 and now has a TV series spin off. Gordon
What We Do In The Shadows 2013 Witty, inventive, gory and sometimes downright absurd, this is without doubt the greatest vampire mockumentary of all time. It may also be the only one, but that doesn't stop it being great entertainment. Mat


If you agree with our recommendations or have some of your own suggestions for great comedies from the 2010s, please leave a comment here or on our Facebook page.


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