Worst of the Decade: The Unlucky Thirteen

This will be the final article in our review of the decade’s movie output. Gordon and Mat have both shared their favourite ten films from the last ten years, and we’ve also picked our standout horror, action, comedy and thriller offerings and our favourite biopics, but having watched over 1000 movies from the past decade there have been almost as many bad ones as good. So we’ve plumbed the depths of the MovieViews database and dug out thirteen of the absolute worst films of the 2010s.

These generally aren’t cheap films that we expected to be bad (although we have seen plenty of those!) but the films that typically had big budgets, notable actors and recognised crew, yet still turned out to be complete trash. So when you’re looking back over the last decade of films for something new to watch, please avoid any of the following… 😆


Baywatch 2017 This was never going to be a masterpiece, but the excessively crude language and humour, derivative plot and 2 hour running time make it even worse than expected. Aside from a few in-jokes, it completely fails to capture the spirit of the TV show. Mat
Inferno 2016 Inferno displays everything that is wrong with big budget thrillers. Ageing 'named' lead actors who can't keep up with the action, overused and unnecessary CGI and a myriad of twists that are all so signposted they just prolong the agony. Gordon
Nurse 3D 2013 Absolutely dreadful attempt at an erotic thriller as a Nurse starts killing bad people. It has a story of sorts and there was a certain amount of style in the way it was filmed, but that is it and the lead actress is possibly the worst I have ever seen. Gordon
Office Christmas Party 2016 A generally dreadful sequence of comedy sketches linked by the flimsiest of plots, with only around 10% of them actually being funny. The big name stars involved with this deserve better. Mat
Ouija 2014 After a shocking and effective opening, this soon degenerates into a predictable jump scare driven modern horror with a collection of mostly dumb, unlikeable characters whose fate you could care less about. Mat
Sabotage 2014 Excessive violence, minimal action, an almost incomprehensible plot and universally terrible acting from a cast that is largely capable of much better. Truly abysmal. Mat
Sausage Party 2016 Does all it can to degrade the art-form and succeeds. Behind the gratuity is a simple Toy Story rip-off. Gordon
Sisters 2015 Only Amy Poehler comes out with any credit from an embarrassing and unfunny modern twist on the 80's teenage house party comedy. Mat
Spy 2015 A potentially fun premise and an entertaining opening sequence give no warning of just how bad this film becomes, with overdone, unfunny jokes galore and a torturously long running time. Jason Statham's self-parody is amusing at times but that's about it. Mat
Stratton 2017 An awful film in terms of action, performance drama and writing. Even the usually good Connie Nielsen gives the absolute worst performance I have ever seen in a film. Gordon
The Love Witch 2016 Don't be fooled by the aesthetic, this isn't a horror version of Bewitched. It is an awful film that disguises its poor script and worse acting by looking like it is bad on purpose. Gordon
The Mummy 2017 Another reboot that no-one asked for bombs by not understanding why the original worked. The film gets everything from the casting to the comedy wrong and spectacularly fails to justify its existence. Gordon
Wrecker 2016 A pointless remake that does not deserve your attention! Check out our Podcast review (at 27 mins) MovieMuse


Do you agree with our picks for the worst of the decade, or are there even worse films that we missed? If you have any opinions then please leave a comment here or on our Facebook page.

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