The MovieMuse Reviews (MovieViews) database is a searchable collection of films that the team have watched. It provides a link to an in-depth review or a short opinion on the film and a rating, as well as a link to the film’s poster or DVD cover. Over time this will build into a comprehensive guide about what to watch and what to avoid.

You can search and sort the list by individual film names, genre, reviewer, score and other variables to inform you on whether a film is worth your time, or to inspire you for your next movie night.

We will also use the database to create periodic lists of the recommended films in all sorts of categories. These lists will be shared on the website and some will even come with a video.

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Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure 2009 Adventure, Animation, Family Another fine family film in the Disney Fairies series sees Tink head off on a wild adventure following a dubious treasure map only to find more trouble than she bargained for. But of course, her friends save the day whilst proving a wholesome life lesson. 3
Lilo & Stich 2002 Adventure, Animation, Comedy Despite its dubious racial stereotyping, Lilo & Stitch is an interesting entry into Disney's catalogue. An original story and some unique characters carry it through, though it does feel more like a cartoon serial than a feature film. 3
RED 2 2013 Action Without hitting the heights of the original, RED 2 once again brings action, explosions and laughs from its Hollywood cast. I would be keen to see the franchise made into a trilogy. 3
RED 2010 Action, Comedy Former CIA agent Bruce Willis is enjoying retirement, but is dragged back into the field and recruits an all star cast as his support team. An excellent adaptation of a graphic novel that keeps the comic ethos, but delivers with movie style. 3.5
Honest Thief 2020 Action, Crime, Thriller A bank robber tries to atone for his crimes, but rogue FBI agents have other ideas. Another Liam Neeson action flick that he is too old for, but at least this one has an original story and likeable characters. 3
6 Underground 2019 Action Ryan Reynolds leads a team of international agents to take down a dictator in a blatant real-world Avengers rip-off. Michael Bay's hard-on for his own action scenes shows no sign of waning, but the film is a fun romp that doesn't outstay its welcome. 3
Soul 2020 Animation, Comedy, Music Despite its excellent soundtrack, appealing characters and interesting story, Soul has far too little comedy and I can't quite understand who it is aimed at. Too childish for adults, but the world of Jazz clubs is a bit grown up for kids. 3.5
The History of Future Folk 2012 Comedy, Music, SciFi An alien comes to Earth to unleash a deadly virus but discovers folk music and changes his plan. A film so desperate to be quirky that it just comes off as needy. Hondo'nt. 2.5
Angela's Christmas Wish 2020 Animation, Comedy, Family A superb continuation of the short film Angela's Christmas as the poor Irish children hatch a plot to get their father back from Australia in time for christmas. Captivating. 4
Death to 2020 2020 Comedy A comic look back at this most unprecedented year through the eyes of 10 fictitious commentators. The performances are great and the dialogue often very funny, but it is 2020 itself that is the real star. 3.5
Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings 2012 Adventure, Animation, Family Another delightful tale from Pixie Hollow where Tink is introduced to the Frost Fairies of Winter Wood and meets her previously undiscovered sister Periwinkle. 3
Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy 2014 Adventure, Animation, Fantasy A charming family adventure that not only teaches us lessons on friendship, but also acts as a backstory to the whole Peter Pan franchise. 3.5
The Witches 2020 Comedy, Family, Fantasy A tepid attempt at Roald Dahl that sees Anne Hathaway put in one of her worst performances to date as the Queen High Witch, who from her accent is either Norwegian or Russian depending on the scene. 2.5
Tenet 2020 Action, SciFi, Thriller Nolan's time and mind bending adventure has a great and interesting premise that utilises some superb forwards/backwards choreography, but is slightly hamstrung by forced action and really quite terrible dialogue. 3.5
Wonder Woman 1984 2020 Action, Adventure, Fantasy In its efforts to be a female-friendly superhero film it has left the magic behind. Gadot oozes style and has really made the character her own, but the forced 80s styling and lack of action make WW84 a dull watch at times. 3
Richie Rich 1994 Adventure, Comedy, Family Another blatant attempt to 'cash' in on Macauley Culkin's celebrity, Richie Rich is actually a fairly entertaining family film for the under 10s. 2.5
Christmas With The Coopers 2015 Comedy, Drama A stellar cast for pretty standard christmas-fare as a middle class American family air their dirty laundry over Christmas. However, it could have been so much more but for the trite and annoying voice over. 3
Color Out of Space 2019 Horror, SciFi There are plenty of bizarre scenes as Nic Cage and his family are slowly driven crazy by a crashed meteor, but despite the psychedelic cinematography and impressive score, this is far less interesting than the premise suggested. 3
Krampus 2015 Comedy, Fantasy, Horror Possibly the most terrifying of all Christmas horror movies due to certain scenes, but also one of the most amusing and well realised, with a good cast and a positive festive message amongst the carnage. 3.5
Bad Santa 2 2016 Comedy, Crime Deeply offensive and not particularly funny, this is a poor attempt to build on the themes of the first film and is almost certainly the worst film ever made that features two Oscar winners in its cast! 1.5
Christmas in Canaan 2009 Drama This Hallmark production has several tear-jerking moments but is far from the usual sentimental Christmas fare, focusing on a friendship between two boys that crosses the racial divide in 1960s America, and is a heartwarming story with reasonable acting. 3
Home Alone 1990 Adventure, Comedy, Family Having not seen the film in the 30 years since its release I was expecting a trite and silly, slapstick comedy. But what I got was a fun and engaging family film that will now be on my annual Christmas watching list. 4
The Forgotten Toys 1995 Animation, Family, Short A delightful tale of the toys that get thrown away as time and technology march on. With a great voice cast and some charming characters, it is worth 25 minutes of anyones time. 3.5
Hillbilly Elegy 2020 Drama Glen Close is fantastic as the redneck matriarch in this story of a poor boy come good who is dragged back to the life he is escaping from by his dependant mother. Well made, but despite being based on a story, it just isn't that interesting. 3
Happy Feet Two 2011 Adventure, Animation, Comedy With a only a minor global warming motif to give it substance, this sequel relies on cute penguin babies, a Scandinavian avian imposter and comedy Krill. But it is all a bit disjointed and scrappy. 2.5