Classic Game Review: Raid Over Moscow

YEAR: 1984

GENRE: Multi-level action game

STUDIO:  Access Software


SYSTEMS: Commodore 64 (reviewed), ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Atari 8-bit family, Apple II, BBC Micro

In episode 13 of the MovieMuse podcast the team review US Gold’s cold-war action game Raid Over Moscow. You can see our scores here and check out the video below for the team’s detailed appraisal of the game that caused such a stir in Finland that it even received calls to be banned due to its perceived anti-Soviet sentiment.

Commodore 64 Game Review
  • Simon - High Score: 158,400 pts
  • Graeme - High Score: 10 pts
  • Mat - High Score: 107,400 pts
  • Gordon - High Score: 190,850 pts


Excellent risk and reward gameplay with great variation between the levels. If only the first level was a little less tedious and the final level a little less difficult, then we would be playing ‘Raid’ far more.

User Review
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Listen to the team’s thoughts…


1Hyper SportsArcade3.7
2Tomb RaiderPlaystation3.5
3Raid Over MoscowC643.6
4Home Alone 2Megadrive1.8

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