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Our ever expanding Yule Log of all of the Christmas themed or related movies that the team have seen, displayed in order from best to worst. You have Mat to thank for watching all the bad ones, so that you don’t have to!

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A Christmas Horror Story 2015 This anthology is a bit of a mixed bag, with a  couple of the stories being quite creepy while others are rather lame. The twist was quite unexpected though and the William Shatner scenes offer some humour, intentional or otherwise. 5 Mat
Last Christmas 2019 Despite it's tough facade, it is still the horribly saccharine and twee rom-com that you fear it will be. But it is definitely not terrible and has some great George Michael music throughout. 5 Gordon
Let It Snow 2019 It's basically Love Actually crossed with a typical teen party comedy, but reasonable acting and the lack of schmaltz that mars most Christmas movies help make this mildly enjoyable. 5 Mat
Why Him? 2016 Pretty much a rehash of Meet the Parents with a slightly different twist and a lot more crude humour. Sags heavily in the middle but the first and last half hour are entertaining enough. 5 Mat
Snow Day 2000 A predictable teen high school romance comedy set against a snowy backdrop. Mildly entertaining but nothing that hasn’t been done a thousand times before, and Chevy Chase may as well have not turned up. 4 Mat
Jack Frost 1998 Man dies, becomes snowman. The first half is a family relationship drama, the second is a slapstick comedy. Half too dull for kids and half too silly for adults. So who is it for? 4 Gordon
Christmas with the Kranks 2004 Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis decide to skip Christmas in a film whose message appears to be that it is OK to bully and ostracise someone for not taking part, because Christmas. 4 Gordon
Deck the Halls 2006 You'd expect a film starring Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito to be a bit higher calibre than most Christmas films, but this is the same bland and predictable 'heartwarming' family comedy as all the others. 4 Mat
A Christmas Movie Christmas 2019 The usual trappings of bad made-for-TV Christmas movies are smartly explained away by the 'movie within a movie' premise, but that doesn’t really make this any less cringeworthy despite a few amusing self-referential moments. 4 Mat
Christmas at Dollywood 2019 A formulaic Hallmark Christmas movie that could have been a fantastic advertisement for Dollywood if only they'd actually shot more than about ten minutes in the park! 4 Mat
Jingle All The Way 1996 A fairly joyless plot, cringeworthy humour, detestable characters and woeful acting make this a Christmas dud for the most part, though the action-packed last 20 minutes do redeem it slightly. Still one of Arnie's worst though! 4 Mat
12 Dog Days Till Christmas 2014 The concept is fairly original and refreshingly lacks the schmaltz of most Christmas movies, but the whole thing is ruined by some absolutely atrocious acting. Even the cute dogs can't save it! 4 Mat
The Christmas Dragon 2014 The attempt to do a Christmas film in a medieval fantasy setting is laudible, but it is let down by a lack of special effects budget and acting talent, while the dragon is barely involved! 4 Mat
Black Christmas 2006 This slasher film starts off being unexpectedly amusing, but soon degenerates into run-of-the-mill horror with an over-complicated story and awful acting. 4 Mat
A Doggone Christmas 2016 Has almost no relevance to Christmas, with all but the opening scene obviously shot in summertime, and much of the acting is woeful, but the canine star is endearing and there are a few genuinely funny moments. 4 Mat
Nativity Rocks! 2018 Another re-tread of a well worn story. Not only is the Nativity a franchise of diminishing returns, the lead actors also reduce in stature with each entry. 3 Gordon
The Dog Who Saved Christmas 2009 Basically it's Home Alone with a dog replacing Macaulay Culkin, much worse acting and very little humour. Inoffensive but instantly forgettable. 3 Mat
A Monster Christmas (Abominable Christmas) 2012 The only Christmas miracle in this 45 minute film is how they got recognised names like Ray Liotta and Emilio Estevez to provide voices to CG-animated characters that look like they were done for a GCSE Media Studies project. 3 Mat
Bad Santa 2 2016 Deeply offensive and not particularly funny, this is a poor attempt to build on the themes of the first film and is almost certainly the worst film ever made that features two Oscar winners in its cast! 3 Mat
Becoming Santa 2015 A thinly-veiled rip off of Meet the Parents with some generally dreadful acting, gargantuan plot holes and some of the worst snow effects in movie history. 3 Mat
Office Christmas Party 2016 A generally dreadful sequence of comedy sketches linked by the flimsiest of plots, with only around 10% of them actually being funny. The big name stars involved with this deserve better. 3 Mat
Snow Buddies 2008 A horrible family adventure film where the canine actors are significantly better than their human counterparts, but are ruined by giving them terrible kids voices. At least the scenery was nice! 3 Mat
Christmas on Chestnut Street 2006 A very generic Christmas movie with some pretty shameful racial stereotyping and a depressing sub-plot about an old man with dementia. Abysmal stuff! 2 Mat




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