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Our ever expanding Yule Log of all of the Christmas themed or related movies that the team have seen, displayed in order from best to worst. You have Mat to thank for watching all the bad ones, so that you don’t have to!

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Die Hard 2 1990 While it never reaches the balls-out heights of the original movie, Die Harder is more than just a cheap re-tread as Christmas killjoy terrorists this time take over an airport. 7 Gordon
Fatman 2020 Mel Gibson as a whiskey-swigging, gun-toting Santa being pursued by a hitman hired by a disgruntled 12 year kid. Definitely not for kids, but a lot of fun! 7 Gordon
This Christmas 2007 The Whitfield family gather for Christmas and each bring plenty of drama with them. Sarring Idris Elba as the black sheep and Chris Brown as the singer, it is hardly original or unexpected. But it is fun and has a great cast dance-off at the end. 6 Gordon
Black Christmas 1974 Despite some awful acting (from Olivia Hussey and Margot Kidder in particular) and the film having aged quite badly, the original Christmas slasher is still an enjoyable thriller and its influence endures. 6 Gordon
How the Grinch Stole Christmas! 1966 50 years on and the animation style has understandably dated, but it is a tremendously faithful representation of the book with some fun songs added for good measure. 6 Gordon
The Knight Before Christmas 2019 Josh Whitehouse is good value as a 14th century knight transported to modern times to fulfil a quest by Christmas Eve. Utterly predictable but above-average acting and some amusing 'fish out of water' scenes make it a perfectly watchable festive film. 6 Mat
The Christmas Chronicles 2 2020 Again influenced by past Christmas movies but plundering almost every major family comedy and fantasy movie of the last 40 years for ideas too, the plot is a bit of a mess and there's some below-par CGI, but it is still a fairly enjoyable Christmas movie. 6 Mat
Christmas in Canaan 2009 This Hallmark production has several tear-jerking moments but is far from the usual sentimental Christmas fare, focusing on a friendship between two boys that crosses the racial divide in 1960s America, and is a heartwarming story with reasonable acting. 6 Mat
Christmas With The Coopers 2015 A stellar cast for pretty standard christmas-fare as a middle class American family air their dirty laundry over Christmas. However, it could have been so much more but for the trite and annoying voice over. 6 Gordon
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York 1992 Largely a retread of the first film in a new environment, the blend of Looney Tunes style violence and more heartwarming moments is odd but works about as well as it did in the original, though by the end you'll be sympathising with the hapless villains. 6 Mat
The Night Before 2015 A typical Seth Rogen "boys night out" comedy for the most part, but there are enough funny scenes to make it enjoyable and the many nods to well-known Christmas movies are cleverly done. 6 Mat
Happiest Season 2020 This Christmas-set LGBT twist on Meet the Parents is not particularly festive but the story is good, it features some great acting talent and there are just enough comedic moments to counteract the heavier relationship drama. 6 Mat
Anna and the Apocalypse 2017 Blending a zombie apocalypse movie with a musical comedy is certainly an original idea, the acting is decent and there are some funny scenes, but most of the musical numbers are unremarkable and unnecessary, breaking the flow of an otherwise fun film. 6 Mat
Christmas Eve 2015 The concept of several groups of strangers stuck in elevators is decent and some of the scenarios work well, but several story threads are not fully resolved and Patrick Stewart is disappointingly under-used. Marginally better than average. 6 Mat
Christmas in the Clouds 2001 The Native American aspect of the story is barely touched upon, but this is a good-natured comedy that relies mainly on mistaken identity situations for the humour with some entertaining characters. 6 Mat
El Camino Christmas 2017 The seasonal setting has little bearing on this black comedy set amidst a gas station hold-up, and while the plot is somewhat preposterous, it does have a decent ensemble cast with Tim Allen's performance being the best of the bunch. 6 Mat
The 12 Disasters of Christmas 2012 A doomsday event inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas isn't the worst idea for a disaster movie, and this does its best with a limited cast and a presumably miniscule special effects budget. Not quite as awful as anticipated. 5 Mat
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 1989 Incredibly dated by modern standards, this is very much a vehicle for Chevy Chase's antics and there isn’t much of a story to go with them, and they aren’t actually that funny either. A pale shadow of the original Vacation, which remains a classic. 5 Mat
A Christmoose Story (Midden in de Winternacht) 2013 A lonely boy meets a magical talking moose in this Dutch film whose story is vaguely reminscent of E.T.  It suffers from the dubbed American voices and some mean-spirited characters but the animatronic moose is quite good and there are a few funny scenes 5 Mat
Window Wonderland 2013 The premise has potential but after an amusing opening, this reverts to the usual romantic festive fodder that Hallmark is famous for. Perfectly watchable if you know what to expect. 5 Mat
Santa Stole Our Dog 2017 The acting is poor at times and some of the SFX are terrible, but to be fair this is less patronising than the average kids Christmas movie and kudos to the producers for bringing Ed Asner in to play Santa. 5 Mat
Mercy Christmas 2017 A bizarre movie that takes the normal stress of cooking Christmas dinner and makes it all the more difficult by the main course being human beings! Low budget with limited acting, but still offers some original and humorous moments. 5 Mat
Daddy's Home 2 2017 Entirely predictable and occasionally cringeworthy, this sequel offers more of the same but the addition of Mel Gibson and John Lithgow does make for some funny moments and the festive theme makes it slightly more forgivable. 5 Mat
Chasing Christmas 2005 This twist on the typical Scrooge tale is original enough to have deserved a better movie to be made from it, but despite the mediocre production values and acting talent, there's still enough to place it above many similar Christmas movies. 5 Mat
Snowmen 2010 A schizophrenic film that can’t decide if it's a fun family comedy or a serious drama. There are occasionally good moments from both but the whole thing doesn't really work as a cohesive story. 5 Mat




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