The MovieMuse Reviews (MovieViews) database is a searchable collection of films that the team have watched, providing a comprehensive guide on what to watch and what to avoid. It provides a link to an in-depth review or a short opinion on the film and a rating, as well as a link to the film’s poster or DVD cover. For more recent entries we are also including a link to the film’s IMDb page and a trailer from YouTube.

You can search and sort the list by individual film names, genre, reviewer, score and other variables to inform you on whether a film is worth your time, or to inspire you for your next movie night.

We will also use the database to create periodic lists of the recommended films in all sorts of categories. These lists will be shared on the website and some will even come with a video.

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D-Tox 2000 5, 20 Agatha Christie-esque thriller with some pretty poor acting, but the thrills are worth it. 7
DOA: Dead or Alive 2006 Action, 1 Excellently realises the game world and uses amazing scenery and fight sequences to keep you there. One of the few video game movies worth your time. 7
Dads Army 2016 4, 21 Pointless remake with a flimsy script and very few laughs.The best bit is the outtakes during the credits. 4
David Brent: Life on the Road 2016 4, 12 All the worst bits of the office stretched into a movie. Comedy has moved on and it is time that David Brent cleared his desk. 3
Deadpool 2016 Action, 4, 9, 17 Click to see our detailed review. 7
Dear White People 2014 4, 7 Funny, witty and midly thought provoking, it is a film that ultimately isn't as daring or revolutionary as it wants to be. 6
Deepwater Horizon 2016 3, 7, 20 Click to see our detailed review. 8
Demolition 2015 7 It was hard work to get into the film about dealing with grief (or not), but by halfway I was sold by the interesting characters. 7
Doctor Strange 2016 Action, 1, 9, 17 A perfectly functional blend of Batman Begins, The Matrix and Ghostbusters 2. 7
Dog Eat Dog 2016 4, 20 Tries so hard to be edgy that it comes off as desperate. Dafoe is superb though. 4
Don't Breathe 2016 5, 11, 20 It's relentless thrill and threat seems to be coming to a conclusion at the halfway point but then doesn't let up for another 40 minutes. 8
Doom 2005 Action, 11 A poor mans Aliens that brings nothing new and none of the spirit from the game. 5
Double Dragon 1994 Action, 1, 4 Awful story bearing little resemblance to the games (which is a pity as the story to the first game is pretty good). The fight choreography is pretty laughable for the most part, which is a killer for a martial arts movie. 4
Down Terrace 2009 4, 5, 7 A family relatonship drama with a difference, told through great character development and minimal plot. 7
Dr. No 1962 Action, 1, 20 By today's standards the effects and sets are awful. But for a 50 year old film they present a great insight into how people in the 60s imagined the future. 6
Drinking Buddies 2013 4, 7, 16 A pleasantly told story of likeable characters with likeable traits. 7
Eddie the Eagle 2016 3, 4, 7 Click to see our detailed review. 8
Eden 2015 7, 20 Woeful acting gives way to a predictable but enjoyable Lord of the Flies adventure. 6
Edge of Tommorow 2014 Action, 17 Some stupidly large plot holes and a terrible end, but otherwise it is a lot of fun watching Tom Cruise die over and over again. 7
Elle 2016 7, 10, 20 Despite how messed up and destructive her life gets, everything that Elle does is believable and almost understandable. 8
Equity 2016 7 An interesting corporate drama in places and no better than a Hallmark special in others. 5
Everybody Wants Some 2016 4 Funny and well staged but ultimately pointless view into the world of jocks being jocks. 8
Evidence of Blood 1998 7, 13, 20 Decent TV movie that would be better without the unnecessary last 30 minutes of melodrama. 5
Exam 2009 13, 20 An interesting concept that for the most part work well, but are spoiled a little by a silly end. 6
Exposed 2016 5, 7, 13, 20 Dreadfully slow supernatural thriller that leaves no satisfaction when it is over. A poor man's M Night Shyamalam. 5