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Django Unchained 2012 Drama, Western A freed slave and a bounty hunter try to rescue a woman from a notorious plantation owner. Tarantino does his best to ruin what starts off as a good film and eventually succeeds. 2.5
A Good Day To Die Hard 2013 Action, Thriller Simple, stupid, fun. The first 2 thirds are better than the last, but it is 90 mins of non-stop action and you can't ask for more than that from a Die Hard film. 3.5
Resident Evil: Retribution 2012 Action, Horror, SciFi Whilst not impressed by the 3D, I did find Retribution to be an enjoyable Resi film and a whole lot better than Afterlife. 3
Premium Rush 2012 Action, Crime, Thriller An excellent chase movie where the protagonist is a bycycle messenger being pursued by a dirty cop. Some of the chase scenes are as good as in any car movie I have seen. 4
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 2012 Action, Fantasy, Horror Look past the seemingly silly premise and you get a fully thought through concept and a very entertaining film. 4
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2011 Comedy, Drama, Romance British oldies move for a luxury life in India but get less (and more) than they bargained for. Charming, but drags on a bit. 3
Chronicle 2012 Drama, SciFi, Thriller Three friends find their lives start to unravel when the stumble on a discovery that gives them superpowers. A unique take on the 'teens get super powers' film. 4
The Campaign 2012 Comedy Billionaire brothers look to manipulate the campaign for Congress for their own end . A fun and completely harmless little movie that is probably more true than any of us would like to believe. 3
Cockneys vs Zombies 2012 Action, Comedy, Horror Big hearted but stupid bank robbers must fight fight the zombie apocalypse if they are going to save their grandad's nursing home. Sick, stupid, brilliant stuff! 4
The Sweeney 2012 Action, Crime, Drama A dreadful film with an awful script and very dodgy acting. Ray Winstone tried to play Regan as a grittier Gene Hunt and failed miserably. 1.5
Taken 2 2012 Action, Thriller A film so bad people were anticipating the end and leaving before the credits even rolled. Makes Liam Neeson look like a much worse actor than he really is. 1.5
Cherry 2000 1987 Action, Adventure, Comedy A businessman hires a renegade tracker to find an exact replica of his android wife! Mad Max crossed with Blade Runner, what's not to like! 3
Tower Heist 2011 Action, Comedy, Crime A group of hardworking men get conned so decide to rob a bank. Not clever, not funny and a cast well beyond its heyday.not a stellar cast. Not much going for it at all. 2
The Muppets 2011 Action, Adventure, Family Three Muppet fans must reunite the team when they learn a mogul wants to bulldoze the Muppet Theatre. Makes up for the dodgy 'In Space' and 'Wizard of Oz' films tenfold. 4
A Most Violent Year 2014 Action, Crime, Drama Despite the name (a more apt title would have been A Bad Year to do Business), this is a very good tale of the American Dream and how difficult it is to achieve. Like Scarface, had Tony Montana been a legitimate business man. 4
Two Days, One Night 2014 Drama Sandra has a weekend to save her job after her colleagues take a bonus in exchange for her dismissal. A pretty ludicrous premise, but interestingly played out. 3.5
Maleficent 2014 Action, Adventure, Fantasy This back story to Sleeping bueaty centres on the evil fairy rather than the heroine. I like films that twist a well known story and Maleficent does it better than most. 3.5
Selma 2014 Biopic, Drama This wonderful chronicle of the epic march to secure equal voting rights in 60s America is another tragedy of the awards season. How Ooyelowo was overlooked for best actor nominations god only knows. 4
Begin Again 2013 Comedy, Drama, Music Failing music exec and beautiful young songwriter bring their talents together. Once again, Mark Ruffalo's performance drags a very average film up and makes it watchable. 3
Interstellar 2014 Adventure, Drama, SciFi Space explorers must travel through a wormhole in an attempt to save humanity. The film wonderfully explores time and loss and has superb score to boot. 4.5
Into the Woods 2014 Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy An interesting twist on traditional fairy tales. It could have done without the annoying Red Riding Hood singing voice, but overall no where near as bad as I feared. 3.5
Inherent Vice 2014 Comedy, Crime, Drama A drug fuelled PI searches for his missing ex-girlfriend. This 70s kidnap caper is more of an experience than a film, an absolute joy, but completely off its head. If it wasn't for the subject matter I am sure Joaquin Phoenix could have walked the Best A 4
Unbroken 2014 Biopic, Drama, War It is a brutal story, but even in the most traumatic scenes there is a glossy Team America sheen that refuses to go away. Anglina Jolie's film is a story that needed telling, it just needed someone else to tell it. 2.5
August: Osage County 2013 Comedy, Drama Dreary and depressing look at a dysfunctional family crisis. Well acted and nicely shot but I'm not sure of the point to the movie, or even if it is trying to make one. 2.5
Frank 2014 Comedy, Drama, Music I came into this film expecting a bipoic of Chris Sievey (Frank Sidebottom), but what I got was an rather odd tale of a group of musicians led by a man in a Frank Sidebottom head. Some good performances, but I did feel the film dragged a little. 3