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Mr. Turner 2014 Biopic, Drama A fascinating account of the painter J.M.W. Turner. It is unbelievable that Timothy Spall was overlooked by BAFTA for his performance. 4
The Interview 2014 Adventure, Comedy Journalists travel to North Korea with a secret CIA mission. One or two mildly funny bits raise it above dreadful, but it never comes close to being good. 2
Wild 2014 Adventure, Biopic, Drama Apart from the bad girl scenes where I just couldn't accept Witherspoon as a druggy-nympho, Wild is an interesting and well directed tale of someone walking themself back to the person they want to be. 4
Boyhood 2014 Drama As an experiment of making a film over a long period it is fine (though they do overdo the iconography in the early years), but with no story at all it feels more like 5 episodes of a dull soap opera than a movie. 3
American Sniper 2014 Action, Biopic, Drama A thought provoking true story of the casualties of war as sniper Chris Kyle tries to deal with the path he has taken. 4
Foxcatcher 2014 Biopic, Drama, Sport Another interesting story dragged out into tedium. Further let down but Tatum playing half the film like he is retarded and half like he is not. The director also overuses the profile shot of Carrell's prosthetic nose. Ruffallo is great though. 2.5
Lilting 2014 Drama When his male lover dies, Richard tries to connect with the bereaved mother, even though they don't speak each others language. A wonderful film that should have got more attention. 4.5
Still Alice 2014 Drama Great performance from Julianne Moore as a linguistics profferor who develops Alzheimer's, but there is no story to be seen. 3
Big Eyes 2014 Biopic, Crime, Drama An interesting true story of an artist and the husband who claimed credit for her work, turned incredibly dull by a director (Tim Burton) who should probably stick to the fantasy genre. 2.5
Boxtrolls 2014 Adventure, Animation, Comedy Some good humour, but the story has been done a million times and the stop motion animation isn't perfect. 3
Whiplash 2014 Drama, Music Like a Hollywood TV movie (in a good way). This drumming drama keeps your interest right through and is one of those great movies where you understand and feel for both the good guy and the bad guy. 4.5
Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) 2014 Comedy, Drama A washed up actor turns his hand to Broadway. The epitome of a critics/awards film. It feels like Hollywood's in-joke that it doesn't fully share. 3
The Judge 2014 Crime, Drama Big city lawyer defends a rural judge accused of murder (who just happens to also be his father). Not sure if the ending is uplifting or depressing, but enjoyed it either way. 4
Captain Phillips 2013 Adventure, Biopic, Crime Possibly Hanks' best performance to date. Falls foul of the usual America the brave vs the savages without giving any real understanding of the Somali life, but otherwise an excellent movie. 4
Philomena 2013 Biopic, Comedy, Drama Coogan and Dench are wonderful as a journalist and a woman looking for a child taken from her by nuns. A erfect Sunday film. Funny, sad and uplifting. 4
Nebraska 2013 Adventure, Drama At first I thought Bruce Dern's oscar nomination was because all the acting around him was so bad he looked good. I also thought shooting in black and white was a shame due to all the beautiful American countryside. But by about halfway everything clicked 3.5
Gravity 2013 Drama, SciFi, Thriller Two astronaughts are stranded in space after an accident. Great to look at and a great performance from Sandy, but not a particularly exciting film. 3
American Hustle 2013 Crime, Drama Starts slowly but wins you over by the end. Good performances from the 3 leads as a con man and his moll are forced to work for the FBI. 3.5
The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 Biopic, Crime, Drama For the most part it is a very funny and perverse tale of excess. But then it becomes a dreary tale of dragging a film out to 3 hours so that it can be classed an 'epic'. 3.5
Dallas Buyers Club 2013 Biopic, Drama Interesting story of an enterprising hustler who beats the system to help fellow AIDS sufferers get much needed medication. 3.5
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa 2013 Action, Comedy, Crime Alan Partridge is called on to help the police defuse a violent siege. Better than I expected, but not as good as I hoped. 3
Jobs 2013 Biopic, Drama The lesser of the 2 major Steve Jobs biopics (by a country mile), it skips lots of the interesting stuff and doesn't make enough of what it does tell. 2.5
Frost/Nixon 2008 Biopic, Drama Really disappointing to find that Frost was just a bumbling newbie who stumbled onto a scoop. An interesting story, told well, but it turns out the true story isn't as big a deal as first thought. 2.5
R.I.P.D. 2013 Action, Adventure, Comedy A team of undead cops try to bring down the man who killed their most recent member. A completely forgettable Men in Black clone. 2
The Place Beyond The Pines 2012 Comedy, Drama, Thriller Like three movies in one where each gets progressively worse. I'd have enjoyed the first third made into a full film, but in the end I just felt it was all a bit pointless. 2.5