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21 2008 Adventure, Biopic, Drama An entertaining account of how a team of MIT students took Las Vegas casinos for millions by card counting is entertaining, but trivialises the true story by changing the characters ethnicity and adding wild drama to give the story a more thrilling edge. 3
I Care A Lot 2020 Crime, Thriller When an unscrupulous legal guardian picks the wrong 'helpless' old lady as her next mark, her life is turned upside down. A refreshing thriller that paints Rosamund Pike as villain, hero and victim in equal measures. 3.5
Animal Crackers 2017 Adventure, Animation, Comedy Another passable but not entirely successful CGI kids movie sees a former circus performer transmogrify when eating magic animal shaped cookies and uses this power to foil his unscrupulous uncle's attempts to steal the family businesss. 3
The Little Things 2021 Crime, Drama A big name cast and a rather tame plot with some of the dumbest 'smart' cops, combine for a good but not great crime thriller. The score is excellent but Rami Malek comes of as a bit of a Mad Men character. 3
The Prestige 2006 Drama, Mystery, Period An intriguing mystery that sees two rival magicians stop at nothing to outdo the other. But for a ludicrous fantastical 'magic' trick near the end and some dodgy acting from both leads it could have been great. 3.5
Hope Gap 2019 Drama A couple approaching their 29th anniversary are thrown into turmoil as, out of the blue, the husband declares he is leaving. Interesting and engaging for the most part, but like their relationship, it felt like there was something missing. 3
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted 2012 Adventure, Animation, Comedy With a fun story and great voice performances, Madagascar 3 sees the franchise on fine form as the New Yorker animals join a European travelling circus. 3.5
Immortal 2004 Action, Crime, Fantasy A shockingly poor film that looks and feels unfinished. It doesn't know if it wants to be a CGI film or live action. The worst possible Fifth Element clone you could imagine. 1
Gangster Squad 2013 Action, Crime, Drama Not quite the updated Untouchables I was hoping for. 2.5
The Amazing Spider-Man 2012 Action, Adventure, SciFi Another pointless retread of the Spider-Man origin. Garfield doesn't get close to Toby Maguire's portrayal of Peter or Spidey. 3
Seven Psychopaths 2012 Comedy, Crime A screenwriter gets mixed up with the criminal underworld when his friend steals a gangstar's dog. A woeful film that tries so hard to be funny that it is hard to watch. Farrell's acting is appropriately awful. 1.5
88 Minutes 2007 Crime, Drama, Mystery A forensic psychiatrist whose evidence put away a seril killer reeives a call to tell him he only has 88 minutes to live. Pacino is far too good to me making films this bad. 1.5
Wrath of the Titans 2012 Action, Adventure, Fantasy Perius has been living a quiet life since defeating the Kraken, but it doesn't last as Zues is imprisoned in the Underworld. An Ok film with some good effects, but the acting is terrible. 3
Ida 2013 Drama Like every stereotype of cold war eastern bloc films it really isn't very accessible. Black and white, subtitled, 4:3 aspect ratio, no score, religious themed, slow paced. But I still found it quite intriguing. 3
Mr. Turner 2014 Biopic, Drama A fascinating account of the painter J.M.W. Turner. It is unbelievable that Timothy Spall was overlooked by BAFTA for his performance. 4
The Interview 2014 Adventure, Comedy Journalists travel to North Korea with a secret CIA mission. One or two mildly funny bits raise it above dreadful, but it never comes close to being good. 2
Wild 2014 Adventure, Biopic, Drama Apart from the bad girl scenes where I just couldn't accept Witherspoon as a druggy-nympho, Wild is an interesting and well directed tale of someone walking themself back to the person they want to be. 4
Boyhood 2014 Drama As an experiment of making a film over a long period it is fine (though they do overdo the iconography in the early years), but with no story at all it feels more like 5 episodes of a dull soap opera than a movie. 3
American Sniper 2014 Action, Biopic, Drama A thought provoking true story of the casualties of war as sniper Chris Kyle tries to deal with the path he has taken. 4
Foxcatcher 2014 Biopic, Drama, Sport Another interesting story dragged out into tedium. Further let down but Tatum playing half the film like he is retarded and half like he is not. The director also overuses the profile shot of Carrell's prosthetic nose. Ruffallo is great though. 2.5
Lilting 2014 Drama When his male lover dies, Richard tries to connect with the bereaved mother, even though they don't speak each others language. A wonderful film that should have got more attention. 4.5
Still Alice 2014 Drama Great performance from Julianne Moore as a linguistics profferor who develops Alzheimer's, but there is no story to be seen. 3
Big Eyes 2014 Biopic, Crime, Drama An interesting true story of an artist and the husband who claimed credit for her work, turned incredibly dull by a director (Tim Burton) who should probably stick to the fantasy genre. 2.5
Boxtrolls 2014 Adventure, Animation, Comedy Some good humour, but the story has been done a million times and the stop motion animation isn't perfect. 3
Whiplash 2014 Drama, Music Like a Hollywood TV movie (in a good way). This drumming drama keeps your interest right through and is one of those great movies where you understand and feel for both the good guy and the bad guy. 4.5