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Last Shift 2014 11 Story-wise it is generic and confusing, but if you're looking for an endless onslaught of terrifying scenes that tick all the horror boxes then this delivers them in spades. 5
Say Your Prayers 2020 4, 7 Amusing and a little tragic, this takes a very British look at religious fundamentalism and the lengths some people might go to doing their god's work, whilst also packing in quite a few funny scenes and some hilarious dialogue. 6
The Evil Dead 1981 11 The low budget shows in many ways and it is far less terrifying than it would have been 40 years ago, but some of the effects and camerawork are brilliant and the almost never-ending blitz of gruesome scenes is still quite something to behold. 6
Rambo: Last Blood 2019 Action, 20 This excessively violent revenge movie steals the plot of Taken for the most part and is incredibly generic, with the worst thing being that it doesn’t feel like a Rambo film at all and is an insult to the legacy of Stallone's iconic character. 4
Benny Loves You 2019 4, 11 Takes liberal influence from other 'demonic toy' films and the low budget shows in the acting quality and cinematography, but the special effects are generally quite impressive and the story and dialogue are amusing in places. 5
Disappearance at Clifton Hill 2019 13, 20 This could have been a decent mystery film as the set-up is good and the acting is fine, but it's spoiled by the over-complicated story and simply horrendous freeform jazz score. 5
The Hidden 1987 Action, 17 The true nature of the antagonist is given away way too early and there is a fair amount of 80s cheese, but the acting talent is good and there's a decent mix of action and black comedy in this cult favourite. 7
His House 2020 7, 11 A creepy haunted house story that also dwells on the isolation and loss of identity experienced by asylum seekers, this probably tries to cram too much into a 90 minute film but the acting is excellent and the scary moments are well executed. 7
James vs His Future Self 2019 4, 7, 17 Daniel Stern is the star attraction as the deranged older version of a man trying to convince his younger self not to invent time travel. An amusing movie that is less about Sci-Fi and more about learning to enjoy the lighter side of life. 6
Kill Command 2016 Action, 17 There are few better films to take liberal influence from than Terminator, Aliens and Predator so while this may not be very original, it's actually quite entertaining with better special effects than expected given its B-Movie status. 6
Zombieland: Double Tap 2019 4, 11 Does nothing that the first film didn't already do and is less impressive as a result, but still provides plenty of laughs, entertaining characters and its fair share of excessive violence. 7
An American Pickle 2020 4 A ridiculous premise and a typical Seth Rogen vehicle with plenty of digs at religion and politics, but it also has some heart and enough funny moments to make it enjoyable. 6
The Faculty 1998 17, 20 Invasion of the Body Snatchers for the Buffy generation, with nods to The Breakfast Club and The Thing along the way, but with snappy dialogue and a cool cast to help it stand out from the glut of similar movies from this era. 7
Biggles 1986 Action, 17, 21 An odd use of the Biggles license, mixing it with an 80s time travel story where nobody is at all concerned about being zapped 70 years into the past or future. There are a few good action scenes though and it helps that nobody is taking it too seriously. 5
The Mitchells vs the Machines 2021 1, 2, 4 Despite being producers and not directors for this film, Lord and Miller's chaotic style and humour are all over this terrific family adventure. Think iRobot crossed with The Lego Movie. 8
Taken 2008 Action, 5, 20 The film that created Liam Neeson as an action star still holds up strong today and whilst it isn't as clever as some of its contemporaries, it has enough thrills to easily sustain its short run-time. 7
Promising Young Woman 2020 5, 7 A young woman seeks revenge against men for the traumatising effects of her past. Takes a few turns you probably won't expect and delivers a punch to the face for institutional misogyny. 8
Duck Duck Goose 2018 1, 2, 4 An amusing family adventure that see a lone-wolf goose learn the value of family when he is forced to look after two precocious ducklings. Some parents may take offence at some of the toilet humour however. 6
Creation Stories 2021 3, 7, 12 The story of Creation records and its founder has an interesting first half, but the film then degenerates into a tiresome collection of anecdotes with little to no insight into Magee, the label or the bands involved. 5
The Father 2021 7 By far the best ever portrayal of dementia put to film as Anthony Hopkins refuses help from his daughter despite his world becoming more and more confused. Incredibly well directed to the point where you become as befuddled as the old man. 9
Nomadland 2020 7 This quasi-documentary on the modern-day American nomad life is emotional and interesting with a great central performance, but it is hard to see why it has scored so many awards wins. 7
Blindspotting 2018 4, 5, 7 A hard hitting film that manages not to preach as a young black man tries to see out his probation in a poor, volatile and racist town. A social commentary on modern America that deserves a very wide audience. 8
The Kid Detective 2020 4, 7, 13 An interesting and playful spin on the classic noir as a washed up former child detective prodigy who never achieved his potential is thrown into his biggest case yet - murder! 7
Chaplin 1992 3, 7 An unforgivably long film that doesn't give anywhere near enough insight and is held together by a poorly constructed reminiscence. A wasted opportunity and ripe for another attempt. RDJ plays it well however. 6
Deep Rising 1998 Action, 11 Aliens meets Titanic in this cheese-laden thriller with some awfully one-dimensional characters. The action sequences are well done though and the biggest surprise is that most of the CGI effects have aged quite well. 6