The MovieMuse Reviews (MovieViews) database is a searchable collection of films that the team have watched, providing a comprehensive guide on what to watch and what to avoid. It provides a link to an in-depth review or a short opinion on the film and a rating, as well as a link to the film’s poster or DVD cover. For more recent entries we are also including a link to the film’s IMDb page and a trailer from YouTube.

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Munich 2005 Thriller Possibly Spielberg's grittiest film, with some brilliant acting and cinematography and bags of tension, but the endless attrition between the different parties is exhausting and nobody comes out of the story with any sense of achievement or honour. 3.5
Nowhere to Run 1993 Action, Thriller Van Damme violently escapes from prison and creepily spies on a vulnerable woman and yet still ends up the hero in this ludicrous and unintentionally hilarious film that has way more cheese than action! 2.5
Villains 2019 Comedy, Crime Another entry in the 'home invasion gone wrong' sub-genre, this one is actually quite amusing to begin with but takes a very weird turn mid-way through and loses its way despite a couple of inventive scenes. 3
Black Water: Abyss 2020 Horror, Thriller This killer crocodile in a cave movie is totally predictable yet fairly tense and the acting is better than expected, but the bizarre relationship triangle sub-plot thrown in towards the end just adds ten minutes that would have been better left out. 2.5
Velvet Buzzsaw 2019 Drama, Horror Quirky and bizarre, this film satirises the pretentiousness of the art world in amusing fashion before turning itself into a crazy horror movie that doesn't really explain itself very well and ends up a muddled, pointless mess. 3
Lost Girls 2020 Drama, Mystery A true crime story that is sadly not very interesting to watch as it focuses more on the actions of the victims relatives than the investigation of the crime itself. It certainly has some emotion but is just not very gripping. 2.5
Nell 1994 Drama The actions of the medical professionals involved in the story are questionable to say the least, but Jodie Foster gives an amazing perfomance as the lead character and her story is compelling from start to finish. 3.5
The Prodigy 2019 Horror, Mystery A fairly typical creepy child movie and to be fair the kid does his job well, but the actions of the adult characters are frankly ridiculous and the bleak ending brings no satisfaction at all. 2.5
Queen of Katwe 2016 Biopic, Drama, Sport A Disney production unlike any other, showing both the vibrancy and hardship of the Ugandan slums and an unlikely rags-to-riches story that is sure to warm the heart. 4
Red Hill 2012 Thriller, Western It may take place in modern-day Australia but this is a classic Western at heart, with characters, cinematography and music that typify the genre. A brutal revenge story with a twist and the usual grit and black humour you'd expect from the Aussies. 3.5
Tolkien 2019 Biopic, Drama It may not be quite as magical as his stories, but this film covering Tolkien's formative years is well acted and reasonably engaging, with some clever visualisations of events that stimulated the author's imagination. 3.5
Up 2009 Adventure, Animation, Comedy Another truly delightful tale from the masters of emotional animation. Whilst it is a film of 2 halves (and the 1st outshines the 2nd), the overarching story is superbly realised as a grumpy old man learns to live after grief. 4
Ratatouille 2007 Adventure, Animation, Comedy An odd choice to have a rat lead film about cooking, but Pixar pull it off yet again. The action and set-pieces are superbly done and the humour spot on to create another delightful tale, albeit a strange one about a rodent chef. 3.5
Schemers 2019 Biopic, Comedy, Music The entertaining 'based on a true story' tale of how a young Dundee lad went from college dropout to big time concert promoter through a series of schemes, dodgy deals and adventures. 3.5
Casino Royale (Climax! TV movie) 1954 Drama, Thriller This TV movie is the first on screen appearance of 007, but this time he is the American spy Jimmy Bond! A fairly simple telling of the story but for a great performance from Peter Lorre as bad guy Le Chiffre. 3
Flora & Ulysses 2021 Adventure, Comedy, Family A fun family film that comes across like an Americanised (and squirrelised) version of Peter Rabbit. Disney manage to introduce a child actor full of character without them becoming obnoxious and a silly animated sidekick that isn't too in-your-face. 3.5
Baby Done 2020 Comedy Another fine reminder that New Zealand makes the best quirky comedy on the planet. Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter gets a rough ride when his girlfriend gets pregnant but refuses to accept it. 3.5
Quiz Show 1994 Biopic, Drama Robert Redford directs a boring film about an incredibly dull 'scandal', when a government lawyer uncovers match fixing in a TV game show. Ralph Fiennes insipid character only exacerbates the tedium. 2.5
Poppy Shakespeare 2008 Comedy, Drama An odd little film about a day patient at a north London psychiatric hospital and how her life is changed when a glamorous new patient is admitted. Well acted, but does get a little disjointed as it goes on. 3
21 2008 Adventure, Biopic, Drama An entertaining account of how a team of MIT students took Las Vegas casinos for millions by card counting is entertaining, but trivialises the true story by changing the characters ethnicity and adding wild drama to give the story a more thrilling edge. 3
I Care A Lot 2020 Crime, Thriller When an unscrupulous legal guardian picks the wrong 'helpless' old lady as her next mark, her life is turned upside down. A refreshing thriller that paints Rosamund Pike as villain, hero and victim in equal measures. 3.5
Animal Crackers 2017 Adventure, Animation, Comedy Another passable but not entirely successful CGI kids movie sees a former circus performer transmogrify when eating magic animal shaped cookies and uses this power to foil his unscrupulous uncle's attempts to steal the family businesss. 3
The Little Things 2021 Crime, Drama A big name cast and a rather tame plot with some of the dumbest 'smart' cops, combine for a good but not great crime thriller. The score is excellent but Rami Malek comes of as a bit of a Mad Men character. 3
The Prestige 2006 Drama, Mystery, Period An intriguing mystery that sees two rival magicians stop at nothing to outdo the other. But for a ludicrous fantastical 'magic' trick near the end and some dodgy acting from both leads it could have been great. 3.5
Hope Gap 2019 Drama A couple approaching their 29th anniversary are thrown into turmoil as, out of the blue, the husband declares he is leaving. Interesting and engaging for the most part, but like their relationship, it felt like there was something missing. 3