The MovieViews 500

Last year as part of his Square Eyes for Shelter challenge Gordon managed to watch over 300 films , raising more than £500 in the process, while the rest of the team also managed to watch more than 100 films each. So for 2017 we’ve decided to team up for a new challenge.


The MovieMuse team have set ourselves the challenge of watching 500 different films between us over the course of the year – that equates to roughly ten films each month per person. Every new film we watch will be rated and given a short review as part of our new MovieViews database, which also contains reviews of everything Gordon watched last year and the various Boxset and Film Club reviews we’ve done over the past 14 months..


Every month we’ll upload our reviews to the database, give a monthly round-up of all the films we’ve watched, and pick our best and worst movies of the month. So if you have any suggestions for films you’d like us to watch, or just want to wish us luck, then leave a message here or post on our Facebook or Twitter feeds.




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