The MovieMuse Christmas List

Over the last few years the MovieMuse team has logged more than 50 Christmas movies in our MovieViews database, which has enabled us to produce this list of films for the festive period. Some are good, some are bad and some are far less Christmassy than others, but if you’re wondering whether any of those made-for-TV movies are worth a watch, are looking for something a little different or just want a reminder of some Yuletide classics, look no further than our handy reference guide!

You can also see the MovieMuse team’s Top Ten Christmas films by checking out the YouTube video at the bottom of the page.


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Total MovieViews Found: 82, showing 25 per page
The Muppet Christmas Carol Comedy, Drama, Family 1992 Christmas isn't Christmas without Robin the Frog blessing us, one and all. Darker in places than most Muppet films, but better for it. 4 Gordon
The Night Before Comedy 2015 A typical Seth Rogen "boys night out" comedy for the most part, but there are enough funny scenes to make it enjoyable and the many nods to well-known Christmas movies are cleverly done. 3 Mat
This Christmas Comedy, Drama 2007 The Whitfield family gather for Christmas and each bring plenty of drama with them. Sarring Idris Elba as the black sheep and Chris Brown as the singer, it is hardly original or unexpected. But it is fun and has a great cast dance-off at the end. 3 Gordon
Trading Places Comedy 1983 Undoubtedly a classic of 80s comedy with great performances from Eddie Murphy, Dan Ackroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis. However the use racist language seems to juxtapose against the rest of the film. 4 Gordon
Trading Places Comedy 1983 A classic Eddie Murphy Vehicle, with a good solid cast and a great story. The sense of moralistic victory lends to a good feeling while watching the latter half and overall it is a great movie. 4 Simon
Trading Places Comedy 1983 The language in this 80s comedy classic is a bit un-PC nowadays but the story is still clever and both Aykroyd and Murphy are at their best, supported brilliantly by Denholm Elliot and Paul Gleason in particular. 4 Mat
Why Him? Comedy 2016 Pretty much a rehash of Meet the Parents with a slightly different twist and a lot more crude humour. Sags heavily in the middle but the first and last half hour are entertaining enough. 2.5 Mat



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