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Over the last few years the MovieMuse team has logged more than 80 Christmas movies in our MovieViews database, which has enabled us to produce this list of films for the festive period. Some are good, some are bad and some are far less Christmassy than others, but if you’re wondering whether any of those made-for-TV movies are worth a watch, are looking for something a little different or just want a reminder of some Yuletide classics, look no further than our handy reference guide!

You can also see the MovieMuse team’s Top Ten Christmas films by checking out the YouTube video at the bottom of the page.


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Total MovieViews Found: 86, showing 25 per page
Last Christmas Comedy, Drama, Romance 2019 Despite it's tough facade, it is still the horribly saccharine and twee rom-com that you fear it will be. But it is definitely not terrible and has some great George Michael music throughout. 2.5 Gordon
Let It Snow Comedy, Romance 2019 It's basically Love Actually crossed with a typical teen party comedy, but reasonable acting and the lack of schmaltz that mars most Christmas movies help make this mildly enjoyable. 2.5 Mat
Lethal Weapon Action, Crime, Thriller 1987 Apart from the pointless ending Lethal Weapon holds up extremely well and reminds us of how good Mel Gibson's psycho persona really is. 3.5 Gordon
Love Actually Comedy, Romance 2003 Over the top, sentimental, awkward, comical and packed with cheese - Love Actually is all of these things but so is Christmas, so as a heart-warming festive feelgood movie it's hard to beat. 3.5 Mat
Mercy Christmas Comedy, Horror 2017 A bizarre movie that takes the normal stress of cooking Christmas dinner and makes it all the more difficult by the main course being human beings! Low budget with limited acting, but still offers some original and humorous moments. 2.5 Mat
Miracle on 34th Street Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 1994 Richard Attenborough is fantastic in this delightful, frequently hilarious story that also has great courtroom drama scenes and retains the old-fashioned charm of the era that the original version was made. 4 Mat
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Comedy 1989 Incredibly dated by modern standards, this is very much a vehicle for Chevy Chase's antics and there isn’t much of a story to go with them, and they aren’t actually that funny either. A pale shadow of the original Vacation, which remains a classic. 2.5 Mat
Nativity Rocks! Comedy, Family, Music 2018 Another re-tread of a well worn story. Not only is the Nativity a franchise of diminishing returns, the lead actors also reduce in stature with each entry. 1.5 Gordon
Office Christmas Party Comedy 2016 A generally dreadful sequence of comedy sketches linked by the flimsiest of plots, with only around 10% of them actually being funny. The big name stars involved with this deserve better. 1.5 Mat
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale Action, Fantasy 2010 A dark, comic twist on the Santa Claus legend, which hints at being a horror film but never truly follows through with it. Well put together on a modest budget, featuring a brilliant performance from Onni Tomilla who would go on to star in Big Game. 3.5 Mat
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale Foreign Language, Horror 2010 A superb Christmas themed horror film with a difference, featuring great humour and excitement without the need for too much gore or jump scares. 4 Gordon
Santa Stole Our Dog Comedy, Family 2017 The acting is poor at times and some of the SFX are terrible, but to be fair this is less patronising than the average kids Christmas movie and kudos to the producers for bringing Ed Asner in to play Santa. 2.5 Mat
Scrooge Drama 1951 This version of A Chrstmas Carol set the standard and the visual theming for all that followed (including The Muppets) 4 Gordon
Scrooged Comedy, Fantasy 1988 An often overlooked Christmas film and made for Bill Murray at the height of his powers I would say. No one could play a modern day Scrooge any better and the film is a great take on the classic story. 3.5 Simon
Scrooged Comedy, Fantasy 1988 A witty and occasionally touching retelling of A Christmas Carol with Bill Murray in fine comedic form and Carol Kane the pick of bunch from the ghosts that pay him a visit. 3.5 Mat
Snow Buddies Adventure, Family 2008 A horrible family adventure film where the canine actors are significantly better than their human counterparts, but are ruined by giving them terrible kids voices. At least the scenery was nice! 1.5 Mat
Snow Day Comedy, Family 2000 A predictable teen high school romance comedy set against a snowy backdrop. Mildly entertaining but nothing that hasn’t been done a thousand times before, and Chevy Chase may as well have not turned up. 2 Mat
Snowmen Comedy, Drama 2010 A schizophrenic film that can’t decide if it's a fun family comedy or a serious drama. There are occasionally good moments from both but the whole thing doesn't really work as a cohesive story. 2.5 Mat
Stick Man Animation, Family, Short 2015 A magically heart warming tale of a humble stick's journey home. Stunningly animated and heart breaking in places, but ultimately uplifting and joyful. Beautiful. 4.5 Gordon
The 12 Disasters of Christmas Fantasy, Thriller 2012 A doomsday event inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas isn't the worst idea for a disaster movie, and this does its best with a limited cast and a presumably miniscule special effects budget. Not quite as awful as anticipated. 2.5 Mat
The Christmas Chronicles Comedy, Family 2018 Predictable but watchable family christmas caper with a wonderful performance from Kurt Russell as the fat man in the beard (and what a beard it is!). 3.5 Gordon
The Christmas Chronicles Adventure, Fantasy 2018 Kurt Russell makes a surprisingly good Santa in a film that borrows themes from at least half a dozen family classics and yet still feels fresh and un-patronising. Easily the best modern Christmas movie since Elf. 3.5 Mat
The Christmas Chronicles 2 Adventure, Fantasy 2020 Again influenced by past Christmas movies but plundering almost every major family comedy and fantasy movie of the last 40 years for ideas too, the plot is a bit of a mess and there's some below-par CGI, but it is still a fairly enjoyable Christmas movie. 3 Mat
The Christmas Dragon Fantasy 2014 The attempt to do a Christmas film in a medieval fantasy setting is laudible, but it is let down by a lack of special effects budget and acting talent, while the dragon is barely involved! 2 Mat
The Dog Who Saved Christmas Comedy, Family 2009 Basically it's Home Alone with a dog replacing Macaulay Culkin, much worse acting and very little humour. Inoffensive but instantly forgettable. 1.5 Mat



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