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Over the last few years the MovieMuse team has logged more than 80 Christmas movies in our MovieViews database, which has enabled us to produce this list of films for the festive period. Some are good, some are bad and some are far less Christmassy than others, but if you’re wondering whether any of those made-for-TV movies are worth a watch, are looking for something a little different or just want a reminder of some Yuletide classics, look no further than our handy reference guide!

You can also see the MovieMuse team’s Top Ten Christmas films by checking out the YouTube video at the bottom of the page.


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Daddy's Home 2 Comedy 2017 Entirely predictable and occasionally cringeworthy, this sequel offers more of the same but the addition of Mel Gibson and John Lithgow does make for some funny moments and the festive theme makes it slightly more forgivable. 2.5 Mat
Deck the Halls Comedy, Family 2006 You'd expect a film starring Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito to be a bit higher calibre than most Christmas films, but this is the same bland and predictable 'heartwarming' family comedy as all the others. 2 Mat
Deck the Halls Comedy, Family 2006 A fun, throwaway Christmas caper that sees self proclaimed 'King of Christmas' Matthew Broderick battling his brash new neighbour Danny DeVito. A very 90s film, released in the middle of the 00s! 3 Gordon
Die Hard Action, Thriller 1988 Not only the best action film of all time, but also the best Christmas film of all time! An iconic moment in the evolution of action films, showing good guys didn?t need to be muscle-bound heroes and bad guys could be intelligent and engaging. 5 Mat
Die Hard Action, Thriller 1988 May be the greatest Christmas movie of all time. An amazing action filled romp from beginning to end. 4.5 Simon
Die Hard Action, Crime, Thriller 1988 Forget the Christmas film nonsense, Die Hard broke the mold for action films and created not only a quintisential hero in NY cop John McClane, but possibly the best bad guy of the 80s in Han Gruber. 4 Gordon
Die Hard 2 Action, Thriller 1990 While it never reaches the balls-out heights of the original movie, Die Harder is more than just a cheap re-tread as Christmas killjoy terrorists this time take over an airport. 3.5 Gordon
El Camino Christmas Comedy, Crime, Drama 2017 A Christmas film in name alone, this is like a First Blood lite as an alcoholic cop gets his knickers in a twist about a newcomer, ending in fatal siege at a petrol station. We get to see Tim Allen in a very different light! 3 Gordon
El Camino Christmas Crime, Drama 2017 The seasonal setting has little bearing on this black comedy set amidst a gas station hold-up, and while the plot is somewhat preposterous, it does have a decent ensemble cast with Tim Allen's performance being the best of the bunch. 3 Mat
Elf Comedy, Fantasy 2003 Will Ferrell blends his trademark hyperactive enthusiasm with a childlike innocence that works perfectly in this heart-warming tale that is up there with the very best Christmas classics. 4 Mat
Fatman Action, Comedy 2020 Mel Gibson as a whiskey-swigging, gun-toting Santa being pursued by a hitman hired by a disgruntled 12 year kid. Definitely not for kids, but a lot of fun! 3.5 Gordon
Gremlins Comedy, Horror 1984 A clever and original concept that is carried out to near-perfection with a great blend of comedy and horror, numerous brilliant scenes and puppets that have stood the test of time remarkably well. 4.5 Mat
Gremlins Fantasy, Horror 1984 My personal favourite Christmas film. Gremlins is dark, hilarious and unique. The effects still stand up today and if you don't want your own Mogwai you must be dead inside. 5 Gordon
Happiest Season Comedy, Drama 2020 This Christmas-set LGBT twist on Meet the Parents is not particularly festive but the story is good, it features some great acting talent and there are just enough comedic moments to counteract the heavier relationship drama. 3 Mat
Home Alone Adventure, Comedy, Family 1990 Having not seen the film in the 30 years since its release I was expecting a trite and silly, slapstick comedy. But what I got was a fun and engaging family film that will now be on my annual Christmas watching list. 4 Gordon
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Comedy, Family 1992 Largely a retread of the first film in a new environment, the blend of Looney Tunes style violence and more heartwarming moments is odd but works about as well as it did in the original, though by the end you'll be sympathising with the hapless villains. 3 Mat
How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Animation, Comedy, Fantasy 1966 50 years on and the animation style has understandably dated, but it is a tremendously faithful representation of the book with some fun songs added for good measure. 3 Gordon
It's a Wonderful Life Drama, Fantasy 1946 Putting aside the sometimes stiff acting of the era and the drawn out first half, this is a clever, funny and heartwarming tale that deserves its classic status, though the connection to Christmas is purely circumstantial and has no bearing on the plot. 3.5 Mat
It's a Wonderful Life Comedy, Drama, Family 1946 Frank Capra's classic tale of a man losing hope and finding redemption in the people around him is often hailed as the best Christmas film ever. I'd wager that you don't need to include the word Christmas in that title. Still an absolute masterpiece. 5 Gordon
Jack Frost Comedy, Crime, Family 1998 Man dies, becomes snowman. The first half is a family relationship drama, the second is a slapstick comedy. Half too dull for kids and half too silly for adults. So who is it for? 2 Gordon
Jingle All The Way Action, Comedy 1996 A fairly joyless plot, cringeworthy humour, detestable characters and woeful acting make this a Christmas dud for the most part, though the action-packed last 20 minutes do redeem it slightly. Still one of Arnie's worst though! 2 Mat
Joyeux Noel Drama, War 2005 The story of the WWI Christmas ceasefire by French, German and British troops in the trenches shows the compassion from all sides, but seems too preoccupied with the art of the film at the expense of narrative. 3.5 Gordon
Klaus Animation, Fantasy 2019 This alternate origin story for Santa Claus is a nice idea and the 2.5D animation is stylish, but the film is frequently quite dull and the dialogue lacks the polish of the animated films from bigger studios. 2.5 Mat
Klaus Adventure, Animation, Comedy 2019 An alternative take on how the Santa legend was founded. A smart-mouthed and privileged post man is 'posted' to a remote town and sees the light. 3.5 Gordon
Krampus Comedy, Fantasy, Horror 2015 Possibly the most terrifying of all Christmas horror movies due to certain scenes, but also one of the most amusing and well realised, with a good cast and a positive festive message amongst the carnage. 3.5 Mat



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