Free Retro Gaming Magazine = R3PLAY issue 1

R3PLAY Magazine was produced way back in 2010 to support the retro video-gaming expo of the same name, held in Blackpool that November.

The event and the magazine were put together by a dedicated bunch of volunteers and there are some great articles such as The Making of Desert Strike (by Graeme Mason), The Spirit of Bub & Bob (a history of Bubble Bobble by Mat Corne),  Top Down From The Bottom Up (a top down racer retrospective by Simon Lethbridge) and a touching tribute to the late great Spectrum programmer Joffa Smith.

You can take a look at the individual articles below, or if you want the full HD quality version to keep then feel free to grab the FREE DOWNLOAD.

R3PLAY has recently been resurrected as a Facebook discussion group, so if you want to chat about games, old and new, with likeminded folk then join us here.


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