Film Club Review 3:
Cop Car

The third film to be chosen in the MovieMuseTV film club is the 2015 Indie cult hit Cop Car.

Chosen by the MovieMuse founder Gordon Sinclair, Cop Car is a tale of two young children who find an abandoned Cop Car in the woods and decide to take it for a ride. Kevin Bacon plays the local sheriff who the car belongs too and who must get the car back at all costs due to the incriminating evidence in the trunk.

You can find out a little more about the film by watching episode 4 of MovieMuseTV, or by checking out the trailer and our ratings below.

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  • Gordon - "it really captures the innocence of the kids"
  • Mat - "felt like it was set in the 70s"
  • Simon - "if I had a body in the boot I'd lock the car"
  • Graeme - "Bacon is as watchable as ever"
  • Pete - "erm, I'll give it 3 and a half stars"


An indie film that revels in it’s status. Refuses to bow to big action sequences or walkthrough endings and delivers a beautiful tale of innocence and guilt.


What do you think?

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