Best of the Decade: Ten Brilliant Biopics

Our look back at of the last decade of film continues, and while Gordon and Mat have already shared their personal picks for the best of the 2010s, here we’re looking at selections of films from a specific genre. We’ve already told you about ten horror hidden gems, ten unmissable action movies and ten gripping thrillers, but this time we’re focussing on the biopic. We’ve watched a lot of movie adaptions of life stories, some for more well-known people than others, and you can search for these in our MovieViews database, but if you’re looking for the best then look no further than the list below!


If you’re interested in a more detailed opinion on some of the films from our selection, why not take a look at Gordon’s full reviews of The Revenant, Eddie the Eagle and Steve Jobs?


Diego Maradona 2019 Far more than just an England fan's pantomime villain, we see warts and all how Maradona's Itallian dream became a nightmare. The spectacular rise and fall of a true footballing god. Gordon
Eddie the Eagle 2016 Funny, heartwarming and inspiring, this is a fantastic story and a great feelgood movie with a very British twist, elevated by brilliant performances from Egerton and Jackman. Mat
First Man 2018 A wonderful biopic that is clearly about the man and not the mission. Don't expect lots of glory shots of rockets or planets, just a man and his single minded ambition. Gordon
Hitchcock 2012 An intriguing and surprisingly witty interpretation of the story behind the scenes of the shooting of Psycho, which gives fascinating insight into the lives of its director and his wife. Mat
Lion 2016 A wonderful feel-good true story that despite pulling at the heartstrings, is told completely believably. Great acting from both 'Lions' and a wonderful score. Gordon
Red Dog 2011 A funny, heartwarming and inevitably heartbreaking story that centres on a four-legged friend but has some great Aussie characters around him. How much of the story is true is debatable, but that's what legends are about. Mat
Steve Jobs 2015 Click to see our detailed review. Gordon
The Imitation Game 2014 Aims to serve as biopic and tense wartime drama and succeeds at both, with Cumberbatch superb as the brilliant yet infuriating Turing and the story drifting between time periods without losing momentum. A gripping, triumphant but ultimately tragic story. Mat
The Revenant 2015 A ludicrously improbable story, but compellingly told and with glorious cinematography. Mat
The Two Popes 2019 The fascinating story of the conservative Pope and the liberal Cardinal who will eventually succeed him as they discuss the church, their lives and their fallibilities. Pryce and Hopkins are magnificent in the lead roles. Gordon


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