The Top Ten Most Lovable Movie Robots

3. BB-8

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 2015

From the moment he first appeared, trundling across the desert in the teaser trailer for The Force Awakens, the movie-going world fell in love with BB-8. Once we knew his name, the next questions most people had were “How does he work?” and “Where can I get one?” and once the film was released, the adorable astromech became many fans’ favourite new character. Just as R2-D2 before him, BB-8 played an important role in the success of the new heroes, and also provided plenty of laughs and feistiness. His spherical form could easily have been portrayed via CGI, but the commitment to practical effects by the film’s producers resulted in a real-life robot being created, which the cast could interact with during filming. With his plethora of gadgets, cheerful bleeping and cute head-tilts, BB-8 instantly won the hearts of many a Star Wars fan and undoubtedly became one of the most desirable last-minute Christmas gifts of all time!




WALL-E, 2008

Much has been written about the sheer beauty of Pixar’s WALL-E, from the spectacular visuals to the incredible sound design, but few would argue that the most wonderful thing about the film is the eponymous hero. When we first meet him, WALL-E appears to be the last working model of his kind, and spends his days doing the task he was built for – cleaning up Earth’s garbage. He has clearly evolved from his original programming, as he collects interesting artefacts and watches old movies, but his is a lonely life. The arrival of EVE awakens his desire for companionship, and takes him on a journey to the stars in pursuit of his new friend. In his quest to reunite with her, he touches the lives of those he meets, from a group of rogue robots to the residents and captain of the Axiom spaceship. It is these moments which make WALL-E such a wonderful character – he unintentionally brings happiness to everyone he encounters, and there can be no better reason to love him than that.


1. R2-D2 and C-3PO

The Star Wars Saga, 1977 – date

It may be cheating to put two characters in first place, but who would separate them? Ever since we first encountered them bickering in the Tatooine desert almost four decades ago, this intergalactic odd couple has been entertaining us. Two of the most iconic characters in movie history, R2-D2 brings practicality, attitude and bravery to the Star Wars universe, while C-3PO provides diplomacy and comic relief. Whether it be carrying secret plans, helping their owners escape from perilous situations or negotiating with a furry army, there’s nothing these two haven’t done to help bring peace and justice to the galaxy. Having appeared in every Star Wars film to date, along with their own animated TV shows, comics and documentaries, there is no doubt that these are the two most loved robots in Hollywood history. They may have taken a back seat to BB-8 in The Force Awakens, but we’re sure this dynamic duo is not quite ready for the scrapyard yet and will continue to play their part as custodians of the Star Wars story.



What do you think of this list? Do you agree, or is there a movie robot you love that we’ve missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!



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