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Simon “Boggy” Burton is the elder statesman of the team. Born in the VERY LATE 60s in black and white, he remembers the world suddenly becoming colour one day in the early 70s. Simon would love to fire up the flux capacitor and nip back to the glorious, crazy, colourful clothing days of the 80s to relive the amazing fun filled days of his youth (mainly sitting at a desk loading video games from tape and then watching ET on VHS).

As a fan of your usual mainstream movie fodder (80s and 90s action films) to unusual, obscure low budget 70s tat, Boggy is more often than not found playing retro video games on myriad of different systems from days gone by.

Hailing from Sidcup in Kent (someone has to) but currently residing in Maidstone, also in Kent, he is currently giving his son Alex a decent start in life by making him watch said action films (including the obligatory Star Wars and Back To The Future trilogies) and by beating him at all sorts of Retro gaming goodness.. Well, mostly beating him.. Well, occasionally.. Well..

Simon’s Favourite Things…

La Cabina (The Telephone Box)Elite (Commodore 64) Red DwarfRio (Duran Duran)
Star Wars A New HopeSuperman (Atari 2600)Fawlty TowersIn it for the Money (Supergrass)
Back to the Future 2Tron Deadly Discs (Intellivision)Rising DampModern Life is Rubbish (Blur)
Superman 2Biplanes (Intellivision)PorridgeLife (Inspiral Carpets)
Blockheads (Laurel and Hardy)Battlezone (Arcade)PointlessSome Friendly (The Charlatans)
RobocopWarlords ( Atari 2600)
Total RecallEco (Commodore Amiga)
Demolition ManNHLPA 93 (Sega Megadrive)
The Final CountdownGrand Theft Auto Vice City (PS2)
The Lost BoysKaboom! (Atari 2600)

Simon’s Reviews

Total MovieViews Found: 62, showing 25 per page
Independence Day 1996 The classic alien invasion movie, with a great cast, great action scenes, good humour and America saving the world on Independence Day. What could go wrong? Nothing. 8
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 2007 Arguably the least interesting book in the series and similarly the film is my least favourite, but that's not to say it is a bad film. It pretty much follows the book closely and to me that is its downfall slightly. Still watchable though. 6
Gran Torino 2008 I'm a big fan of Clint as a director and an actor. This is a great film which covers both areas of Clint's repetoire. Gritty, but poignant and warming, well written and the story pans out superbly. An angry Clint is the best Clint. 8
The Day After Tomorrow 2004 A typical meteorlogical disaster flick, not particularly gripping, OK effects, and paints a message about ruining the planet. It's not bad but not that great either. Still watchable enough. 6
Trading Places 1983 A classic Eddie Murphy Vehicle, with a good solid cast and a great story. The sense of moralistic victory lends to a good feeling while watching the latter half and overall it is a great movie. 8
Scrooged 1988 An often overlooked Christmas film and made for Bill Murray at the height of his powers I would say. No one could play a modern day Scrooge any better and the film is a great take on the classic story. 7
Sherlock Holmes 2009 A classy, stylish and slick rendition of the classic British Sleuth, with a decent enough story and a pretty good cast. I don't mind Robert Downey Jr's english accent and enjoyed his interaction with Jude Law's Watson. 7
Back to the Future 1985 A classic in every sense of the word and one of my favourite films. Great story, great effects, great cast, great everything! Amazing stuff! 8
Back to the Future Part II 1989 A brilliant follow up to a classic first part. I actually enjoy this one more than the original as I love the future scenes. The story gets a bit complicated but it is still a classic part of a great trilogy. 9
Jumanji 1995 Only seeing this for the first time, I quite enjoyed it. The effects were OK in a mid 90s way and I enjoyed the story, even though there didn't seem to be much coherency. It was nice to see Robin Williams even if he was more subdued than I expected. 7
Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2015 It should be called Star Wars A Renewed Hope as it is almost episode IV all over again. It is a very ‘safe’ start to the rebooted franchise which will appeal to old and new fans of the epic space opera alike, I just hope the next films are more risky. 6
Star Wars: The Last Jedi 2017 I like the real Star Wars stuff, the music, the lightsabers, but the story had nothing to it. 6