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Simon “Boggy” Burton is the elder statesman of the team. Born in the VERY LATE 60s in black and white, he remembers the world suddenly becoming colour one day in the early 70s. Simon would love to fire up the flux capacitor and nip back to the glorious, crazy, colourful clothing days of the 80s to relive the amazing fun filled days of his youth (mainly sitting at a desk loading video games from tape and then watching ET on VHS).

As a fan of your usual mainstream movie fodder (80s and 90s action films) to unusual, obscure low budget 70s tat, Boggy is more often than not found playing retro video games on myriad of different systems from days gone by.

Hailing from Sidcup in Kent (someone has to) but currently residing in Maidstone, also in Kent, he is currently giving his son Alex a decent start in life by making him watch said action films (including the obligatory Star Wars and Back To The Future trilogies) and by beating him at all sorts of Retro gaming goodness.. Well, mostly beating him.. Well, occasionally.. Well..

Simon’s Favourite Things…

La Cabina (The Telephone Box)Elite (Commodore 64) Red DwarfRio (Duran Duran)
Star Wars A New HopeSuperman (Atari 2600)Fawlty TowersIn it for the Money (Supergrass)
Back to the Future 2Tron Deadly Discs (Intellivision)Rising DampModern Life is Rubbish (Blur)
Superman 2Biplanes (Intellivision)PorridgeLife (Inspiral Carpets)
Blockheads (Laurel and Hardy)Battlezone (Arcade)PointlessSome Friendly (The Charlatans)
RobocopWarlords ( Atari 2600)
Total RecallEco (Commodore Amiga)
Demolition ManNHLPA 93 (Sega Megadrive)
The Final CountdownGrand Theft Auto Vice City (PS2)
The Lost BoysKaboom! (Atari 2600)

Simon’s Reviews

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The Last Starfighter 1984 A slice of 80s nostalgia and I find it a likeable, if somewhat cheesy experience. It is fun though, and the effects if somewhat limited add to the charm of the film. Take it as 80s cheese and you'll enjoy it. 6
Last Passenger 2013 This is a strange concept for a film to me, but one which is quite intriguing, and over zealous acting aside it holds up reasonably well. I was not overly impressed but on reflection it was more complex and enjoyable than I gave it credit for. 5
Tron 1982 The classic futuristic Disney Sci-fi. I was blown away by this as a kid with the amazing graphical style, great sound effects and the use of such futuristic words as de-rezzed. Still holds up well today and I enjoyed watching it again. 8
Tron: Legacy 2010 Pays homage to the original with a similar, though updated graphical style and a storyline that pretty much parallels the first one, and it shows in a very linear film with no real surprises. Enjoyable enough but not up to the earlier film's standards. 7
Brick 2005 An interesting concept and there are enough twists and turns to keep you interested and entertained. Not riveting, but not bad either. 7
Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 The classic Indy movie, literally. The start of the series and still the best one, great settings, well acted, and great action set pieces. Set the bar for action adventures and is still eminently watchable today. 9
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1984 Pays homage to the original but with the violence turned up several notches. Story is a bit haphazard and is a bit contrived in places but I still gleaned quite a bit of enjoyment from it. 6
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989 I liked this one, the sets are well crafted, the action good enough and the performances quite engaging, espicially the main interaction between Indy and his dad. A likeable addition ton the series. 7
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 2008 A brave attempt to bring Indy back, and a much older Harrison Ford does OK as the famous explorer. There are some interesting set pieces, and the beginning is well done, but the story is inconsistent and ultimately it ends up disappointing. 5
The Day the Earth Stood Still 2008 An interesting concept, and a thought provoking movie. Reeves is OK as Klaatu and the acting is acceptable, there is tension, and some action is good. Overall quite a watchable film. 6
The Boss Baby 2017 It is good how it is crafted through the world of babies and children, I liked the character and his interaction with his brother. Don't expect anything outstanding and enjoy it for what it is, a typical family animation that portrays the genre to a tee. 7
48 Hours 1982 The seminal Eddie Murphy buddy cop/felon movie, an absolute hoot from beginning to end, has one of my all time favourite movie lines and is as watchable today as it ever was. Wonderful! 8
Duel 1971 Where Spielberg cut his teeth, a TV movie made into a cinema release. A chilling, relentless tale of a motorist pursued and haranged by an evil looking tanker truck. Classic movie material, and if you haven't seen it, why the hell not? 8
Joy Ride 2001 An interesting suspense action thriller starring Paul Walker. It is loosely based on the the Spielberg film Duel and has enough intrigue and suspense to keep you interested. 7
Wrecker 2015 A bad remake of the the Spielberg classic Duel, brought up to date but that is not necessarily a good thing. An inconsistent storyline, bad acting and convoluted cinematography make this one to avoid. 3
Frankenweenie 2012 It won't set your pulse racing but if you like Tim Burton's style then you will like this. If you don't then this won't change your mind. 7
Pandemic 2016 A stylish apocalyptic zombie movie. The action is fast, if a bit predicatable, and the story is well constructed with a few interesting set pieces and twists and turns. 7
Super 8 2011 A very enjoyable, well crafted movie, with strong characters and an interesting scenario that unfolds in a drip feed style which keeps you watching. Highly entertaining. 8
Wonder Woman 2017 A lavish and stylish big screen reboot of DC's female super hero. It has strong performances and great effects and is very watchable even if the story is a bit flat at times. No invisible plane or spinning costume changes, sadly. 7
Dunkirk 2017 A well crafted, almost documentary style account of a very poignant part of WW2 and the heroic actions that took place. I was absorbed by the whole scenario it portrayed and genuinely cared about the individuals whose stories were played out in the film. 8
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 2001 I like the video games so I quite like the movie. It has reasonable action, Jolie plays Lara well enough and looks the part. I find it inoffensive and it portrays the games well enough. 6
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life 2003 More of the same, even if it doesn't seem to flow quite as well as the first film. Again I find it OK, again it pans out like the games, which doesn't necessarily make it a successful movie. Not a travesty, but not great either. 5
Batman Begins 2005 The reboot of the Batman series could have been a poor cash in, but with Christian Bale in the lead as the venerable caped crusader it turns out to be an enjoyable and thoroughly watchable delve into the criminal underworld of Gotham. 8
Passengers 2016 An interesting concept, overplayed on the Romantic side, not a lot happens but the only thing that redeems this in my eyes is the moral dilemma served up in the story. Worth a look, just. 6
Sully 2016 Tom Hanks plays out a real life drama with his usual panache and feeling, and turns a disastrous situation into an enjoyable and emotional experience, if a little flat in the fact that the main action is played out away from the Hudson river. 7