703897_3869314863718_419580601_o-ConvertImage 2Gordon ‘SirClive’ Sinclair is the founder of MovieMuse. A child of the 70s with his heart in the eighties, his dream is to one day wake up like Alex Drake and relive that glorious decade.

A long time classic video gamer, Gordon founded Replay Events, a company dedicated to showcasing the best retro consoles and computers of the last 40 years.

With his unhealthy love of Stallone movies and an obsessive need to watch every film ever nominated for a major award, he is aways ready with an (un?)educated opinion.

Away from MovieMuse Gordon is an avid follower of Liverpool and Huddersfield Town football clubs and lives in Halifax with his Star Wars loving fiancée Nancy.

Gordon is responsible for the MovieMuse website and co-edits the MovieMuse podcast.

Gordon's Favourite Things...

The Great DictatorBomb Jack (Arcade)Life on MarsBlackstar – David Bowie
RockyRed Dead Redemption (PS3)Red Dwarf101 Damnations – Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
The Empire Strikes BackFinal Fantasy VII (PS1)The Likely LadsStrangeways Here We Come – The Smiths
It’s a Wonderful LifeUncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)Early DoorsThe World is Yours – Ian Brown
Grave of the FirefliesKick Off II (Amiga)ALFIs This It? – The Strokes
Bill & Ted’s Excellent AdventureRatchet & Clank 2 (PS2)
The Life of BrianTime Pilot (Arcade)
Reservoir DogsOutrun (Arcade)
Dog Day AfternoonDeathchase 3D (ZX Spectrum)
The Muppets take ManhattanR-Type (Arcade)

Gordon’s Reviews

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The Girl With All The Gifts 2016 An interesting take on the zombie/viral outbreak movie that unfortunately gets a little too soppy in places. 7
Sex Lives of the Potato Men 2004 The shortness of the film is its only saving grace. 4
Shade 2003 Twists and double crosses are far too obvious, though Stallone excels (and is probably too good for the film). 5
Shenmue The Movie 2001 Made completely from in-game cutscenes, removing the gameplay has also removed everything good about the game. Leaving a shallow story and some awful dialogue. 4
Shooter 2007 An exciting, though bog standard thriller. 6
Sicario 2015 A great first half descends into hysterical girl fights bad good-guys for doing bad things for good reasons. 6
Sightseers 2012 A dark, funny and surprising film with some amazing scenery and top notch performances. 8
Silent Running 1972 An engaging tale despite terrible acting, shoddy effects and a bizarre soundtrack. 6
Sing Street 2016 Trademark John Carney, but can't hit the heights of Once. Not helped by being unable to connect with the lead character. 6
Slash 2016 Despite its desperation to be edgy and subversive it misses the mark and ends up like an episode of Dawson's Creek at an erotic fan-fiction and cosplay convention. 4
Sleeper 1973 At some points a masterpiece and others a bore. Half Keystone Cops and half 1984, it doesn't do enough with either to fully excel. 6
Snowden 2016 Overdoes the 'Ed is righteous' and 'Government is evil' but, but tells and interesting (albeit one-sided) account. 6
Son of Saul 2016 Harrowing and fantastically told, but not as emotional as you may expect. 8
Special Correspondents 2016 Too middle of the road to make any waves. A few good lines but Gervais needs to tap into his subversive side much more. 5
Spotlight 2015 Interesting and hard hitting, but certainly not entertaining. If a film is going to bring so much reality to the pursuit of justice then they may as well have made a documentary. 7
Star Trek Beyond 2016 Throws everything good from Into Darkness into the bin and instead goes for plotless, mindless action. 4
Star Trek Generations 1994 Apart from the typical Kirk all-American hero rubbish this is a great cocktail of SciFi fun. 7
Stay Alive 2006 Die in the game, die in real life. More like die watching the film and you are saved from watching the rest of the film. 4
Straight Outta Compton 2015 Skips too much of the real story as it ensures that Dre and Cube come off as angels and the manager as the devil. 7
Street Kings 2008 A Forrest Whittaker action scene, who saw that coming?? 5
Suddenly 1954 A cracking noir, despite a little too much signposting of the plot by today's standards. 7
Sully 2016 A rather pointless biopic that lives in the gap between slightly dull and mildly exciting. 5
Super 2010 Click to see our detailed review. 8
Swallows and Amazons 2016 The poor acting and awful script are blown out of the water by the sheer irresponsibility of the plot. 4
Swimming with Sharks 1994 One of the most 90s films you will ever see. Spacey is having fun, but is not believable in the role until he becomes the victim. From then on he excels. 8