BAFTA 2019 – Film Not in the English Language

Best Feature

British Film

Best Director

Leading Actress

Leading Actor

Supp. Actor

Supp. Actress

Animated Feature

Original Scrn-play

Adapted Scrn-play


Visual Effects

Original Music

Costume Design

Make Up & Hair


Prod. Design

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  • CAPERNAUM Nadine Labaki, Khaled Mouzanar
  • COLD WAR Paweł Pawlikowski, Tanya Seghatchian, Ewa Puszczyńska
  • DOGMAN Matteo Garrone
  • ROMA Alfonso Cuarón, Gabriela Rodríguez
  • SHOPLIFTERS Hirokazu Kore-eda, Kaoru Matsuzaki

Our Winner:

  • Capernaum – Never has a film so tenderly and brutally depicted the despair of the hand you have been dealt. The lead performance from 12 year old Zain al Rafeea is simply breathtaking.

The BAFTA Winner

  • Roma

MovieViews Reviews:

Capernaum 2018 Stunning Lebanese film about a 12 year old slum boy in Beirut who sues his parents from bringing him into such an uncaring and unforgiving world. The child lead is wonderful and I don't think I have ever felt the despair of a character so strongly. Gordon 9
Cold War 2018 Black and white Polish film telling a damaged love story through a troupe of peasant folk singers/dancers performing traditional songs through the post war years of Soviet Poland. Not really my kind of film, but I did get quite a bit out of it. Gordon 6
Dogman 2018 A gentle dog groomer has to deal with a brutal and controlling thug in a drama that builds into a thought provoking and tender lesson in the need to be accepted. Gordon 7
Roma 2018 The deliberately mundane story of a house maid. I was struggling to see what the critics had seen in the film until a scene that singularly blew me away (waves). It was so wonderfully shot and acted that I fully welled up at the beauty and horror of it. Gordon 7
Shoplifters 2018 The kind of film only the Japanese make. A strong nurture over nature theme runs through as a family of petty criminals take in a young child who is left alone and neglected by her parents. Gordon 8

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